Here’s my first post in my new blog!

I had a blog in the past, and really enjoyed it.  I also have a couple of friends who recently started up their own blogs, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy writing, so I was inspired to begin a blog again. 

I’m starting off with a post about my dream house.  I think it’s a good idea to be firmly aware of what you want or else you’re less likely to ever get it.  Bryan and I have our townhouse up for sale, and when we move, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re looking for.  For fun, I’m illustrating this post with images that I found online that match what I have in my head of what my dream house looks like. 

If we find a house that combines all of these images and features into one, that would put me in heaven.  We want a 2-story (or 3-story or 2-story with a basement), 3 bedrooms plus a bonus or 4 bedrooms (or more!), and I want a rocking chair front porch with a nice big lush yard.

We want a big back deck for grilling out and parties, and a backyard with space for a garden.  A 2-car garage would also be great.  I love this staircase.  LOVE it.

We want a kitchen with eat-in area, and I want to have big white kitchen cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling with molding at the top and glass-front panes in them.  I also think the look of the chandeliers in the kitchen is pretty amazing.

I also want a large formal dining room because I love hosting big parties and family holiday dinners, and so we need a functional place to seat so many people!  (Look at that arched doorway!  Yumm!) 

We want a living room with a gas fireplace.  The gas fireplace is optional but desired.  We love having a fireplace, but real wood-burning can be such a hassle.  We’d also like hardwood floors on the main level because it looks nice and because carpet is so darn difficult to keep clean!

We want a nice big master suite with 2 sinks in the bathroom and a big walk-in closet.  The second bedroom would be Talan’s room.  The third bedroom would be our future baby’s room.  The fourth bedroom (or bonus) would be Bryan’s office plus guestroom plus playroom (if it’s a really big bonus).  If we somehow ended up with more rooms, it would be great to have Bryan’s office as a separate room and the guestroom and playroom as separate as well.

This master bedroom is a little on the modern side for me, but I like the big curtains and nice airy feel to it.

We want to live in a nice family neighborhood with easy access to a nice big pool. 

We’d love to have easy access to some greenway/walking/biking trails as well.

And that concludes my trip down wishful thinking lane.  We will someday sell our townhouse, hopefully sooner than later, and when we do, we will buy a nice new house.  It may not have all of these dream features, but I figure I might as well shoot for the stars, and maybe it’ll happen!