The toilet in our master bathroom has been falling apart for awhile now.  First it was these little plastic covers that came detatched, and I just pushed them back into place to make it look like everything was still fine.

Then recently the plastic hinge on the left broke off completely which meant that the toilet lid was only half-attached, and it became much more difficult to disguise the fact that our toilet was falling apart.  We’re really hoping to have some people come and look at the house next weekend, and hopefully want to buy it, and so we figured now was a good time to try to fix this problem.

We went to Lowe’s and picked up a new toilet seat and lid without measuring ours first, and so of course it was the wrong size.  It hadn’t occurred to me to measure first; I forgot toilets came in different sizes.  So then we measured, and Bryan went back to Lowe’s, returned the first lid/seat and come back with this new one, which looks pretty much identical to our old one.

Here’s a shot of our old lid and seat sitting on the bathroom floor.

The next step was trying to remove the old hardware from the toilet so that we could attach the new seat and lid.  That’s where we ran into a problem.

See all the dirt?  That’s rust.  Apparently the nuts and bolts have rusted themselves together.

Here’s a view looking up at the rusted nut and bolt.  The new toilet seat/lid came with plastic hardware, which at first I thought was really cheap-o, but then when we discovered that the old hardware had rusted solid, I realized that maybe plastic wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  It may be more likely to break, but at least it won’t ever rust! 

Bryan could not get them apart with the tools we own, so he’s going to have to buy some more tools from Lowe’s today and hopefully get the old hardware off.

What a pain!