Last night Bryan invited some friends to come over for dinner.  Bryan picked the menu: grilled corn on the cob, hotdogs, hamburgers, and potato chips.

So far Bryan’s new grill is pretty great.

Bryan’s pretty great, too.  One pleasant side-effect of the blog so far is that I’m taking a lot more pictures than I have in the past since I need material to post.  I’m also learning how to use Bryan’s camera, which is fun.  And yes, we do have 2 dishes.  The top one, DirecTV is actually ours.  The bottom one, Dish Network, belonged to the previous home owners.  We’ve talked about calling up Dish Network to ask them to come take it down, but haven’t ever done that.  So we have 2 dishes.

There’s a crack in our patio, which we think Bryan may have accidentally caused when he power-washed the concrete a few weeks ago.  We bought some crack-fixer from Lowe’s yesterday (along with the toilet seat and lid), and Bryan’s probably going to fix the crack tomorrow since there’s no forecast of rain tomorrow.

I brought out the bug repellant because the mosquitos have been pretty bad in the evenings this summer.

We also set up the yard game.  I don’t know what it’s called.  We never got a chance to play it while our guests were here, probably because their kids are like a circus and they wanted to just sit and relax.  So once they left, Bryan and I played a game.  It was close.  I almost won.  But then Bryan won.

Talan checking at the door to see if his friends had arrived yet. 

Bryan’s friend Dallas has a son, Jackson, who is Talan’s age, and the two have been friends since they were babies.  Talan and Jackson basically played the Wii Starwars Lego game the entire night except for the 10 minutes when we made them come outside to eat dinner.

Jackson has a younger brother, Cooper, who is 3.  He’s wearing my flipflops in this picture. 

Cooper likes to put on other people’s shoes, hats, and sunglasses.  He’s a little obsessed with it apparently.

Here’s Christine and Jackson.  I can’t wait to have a house with a bigger deck where we’ll have room for a real table and chairs.  This has been ok, but it’s always a little awkward for everyone to eat with their food on their laps or on little side tables.  Especially for kids who are prone to spill and drop things anyway.

Here’s Dallas.  I’m also looking forward to having a house so that we can store our trashcan somewhere other than on the patio where we eat.  Like maybe on the side of the house or in the garage.  That would be great.

Here’s Cooper.

Here’s Talan.  And that concludes our evening with friends.  (Those are not Christine’s shoes by the way.  They are Dallas’.  And yes, Cooper did wear them to walk around while we were outside.  I tried to get a picture, but he’s quick.)