We’ve accomplished a lot the past couple of days.  The toilet is fixed, the crack is filled, and the house is clean, and it’s a good thing because we’ve got a showing scheduled for tomorrow morning!

This is our first scheduled showing in the past month, and I’ve got a good feeling.  Over the past month, our house went from show-ready to dirty-messy because we got slack and lazy and I think we kind of just got comfortable thinking that no one was coming to see our house anyway, so why bother.

But this past weekend, Bryan and I agreed it was high time to whip this house back into shape.  That’s what spurred the toilet renovation among other things.  So we got all this done and lo and behold, this morning I get an email with a request for a showing tomorrow morning.  I feel like this is *meant to be* I mean, if this showing had been scheduled any other time, like, say, this past weekend, we would have been seriously scrambling… and there would have been a broken toilet-in-the-process-of-being-redone, messy bathrooms due to lack of cleaning and a toilet that overflowed right as we were ready to leave the house on Saturday… it wouldn’t have been pretty.  So it’s just amazing to me that someone wants to see our house the morning after we’ve finally gotten it all back into shape again.  I mean, who goes looking at houses on a Wednesday morning?  I feel like it’s a sign.  That we’re on the right track.  Yay!

So anyway, the toilet reno was a disaster.  Should have been an easy, simple, 15-minute old-off, new-on thing, but turned into a 2-day, many-hours, and Bryan telling the toilet that he hated it among other things project.  Here it is, looking lovely.

The old screws holding the toilet seat in place had completely rusted themselves shut, and Bryan bought some new tools and some spray-on stuff that’s supposed to loosen rust.  We sprayed, and we clamped, and we tried really really really long and hard to get those darn things unscrewed.  The right one finally loosened up and we got it off, but the left one would not budge.  So last night, in desperation, we broke out a hacksaw, and sawed it off.  And that worked!  Hooray! 

Now we have a pretty new toilet seat and lid, that looks exactly like the old one, just not falling apart like the old one was.  We both agreed we have new found appreciation for our toilet.

I also went out onto our back patio this morning and filled in the crack!  I used Quikrete Concrete Crack Seal.  I read about it recommended in a magazine.

It was pretty simple, but I’m hoping that when it dries it will blend into the color of our patio a little better than it currently does.

According to the bottle, it dries to match the color of concrete, and it takes 24 hours to fully dry and harden, so I’m hoping that 24 hours from now you’ll hardly notice that we once had a crack that is now filled in.

Right now, it’s still pretty obvious, at least to me.  So we’ll see.

The other exciting thing that happened today is MaidPro came and cleaned our house!  Many months ago I purchased a Living Social deal for a discounted house-cleaning session, and today we cashed it in!  Great timing as it turned out!  The house looks beautiful and clean, and they even corner-folded the toilet paper and put a little sticker on it!  Makes me feel like we’re in a hotel.

So that’s the exciting update for today!