I don’t understand why this keeps happening.  I just wrote up this entire post, published it, and then it was gone.  Just like that, nothing.  Except the title.  The entire post vanished.  This is the second time that has happened to me and it is VERY FRUSTRATING.  So now I have to re-write this entire post.  From scratch.  This makes me mad.  Where did that whole post GO?  Why did it all disappear??

So, like I just wrote a few minutes ago, and now I have to re-write again… last night I got out of class early.  I called Bryan when I got in my car in the parking lot at school to let him know I’d be home about 30 minutes earlier than I had expected (around 6:30pm instead of 7:00pm).  I left him a message, which he later told me he received, and he was hungry and glad I was coming home early, so he immediately got to work getting dinner ready so it would be ready when I got home.  At about 6:20 I got in an accident.

I was going straight through a green light.  As I approached the green light, an SUV coming from the opposite direction turned left in front of me.  I remember putting on my breaks and thinking that they cut it pretty close and that they should have waited for me to go past.  And then another SUV turned left in front of me.  And that time I don’t think I even had a chance to put on my breaks.  I think the impact was pretty much immediate.

I remember screaming and the next thing I knew we were on the side of the road.  I remember noticing that my airbags were out, I saw a girl climbing out of the sunroof of her SUV next to me, and I smelled smoke and saw smoke coming out of the hood of my car, so I thought I better get out of my car quickly.  I grabbed my bag and got out.

There were a bunch of people on the side of the road.  Apparently a lot of people saw the accident happen, and pulled over immediately to see if we were ok and if we needed anything.  I remember one of the girls saying she was calling 911, and then there was a police officer there.  He must have seen the accident and pulled over because he was there almost immediately.  I looked in my bag for my cell phone and realized it was still in my car.  After I’d called Bryan from the parking lot, I hadn’t put it back in my bag.  So it was somewhere in my car, probably on the floor.  I asked the officer if I could get it out, and he said definitely not.  My car was still smoking and was leaking some kind of liquid.

One of the girls offered to let me use her phone, and so I used it to call Bryan.  By this point I couldn’t stop crying.  I left him a message letting him know that I’d gotten into an accident.  I don’t remember what else I said in that message.  He didn’t hear his phone ring because it was on vibrate and he was busy getting dinner ready.

By this point there were several police cars and an ambulance on the scene.  I think I remember some fire trucks coming as well.  I got into the ambulance with the paramedics and they checked me out to make sure I was ok.  An officer also came into the ambulance and asked me questions about what had happened.  I now realize that I should have asked him if he was giving the other girl a citation or ticket and if he was saying in the report that it was her fault.  I didn’t even think to ask because it was so clearly her fault, but after talking with insurance people last night and today I realize that I really should have made sure of that.

The girl was 17.  She was totally fine, unharmed.  Her other 17-year-old friends were in that first SUV that had cut in front of me, and she was following them.  Apparently she hadn’t bothered to look to see if there was any oncoming traffic, she just followed them to turn left.  And so I hit her passenger side, her car flipped over, and she climbed out of the sunroof.  We were both wearing out seatbelts, and she said she was hanging by hers, since her car was sideways.

I definitely got more banged up than she did, from the impact of the crash and from my airbags hitting me.  But we’re both lucky that neither of us really got hurt.

Once I got out of the ambulance, I asked one of the officers to get my phone out of my car, and he did.  I called Bryan again and left him another message, this time a bit calmer since I had stopped crying.  At about 6:40 he started wondering where I was and even wondered if I’d gotten in an accident or something so he checked his phone and that’s when he got my messages.  He immediately called me back as he was on his way out the door to come to the site.

I’d had this car since I was 16 and a junior in high school.  14 years and 3 months.  Definitely the end of an era!  Age 16 to age 30… a lot has happened over the years.  That car was with me through high school, college, a summer in Key West, beach trips, road trips, about 5 or 6 or 7 different jobs – I’ve lost count of how many different jobs I’ve had.  Lots of memories!  So this is the end of the Pontiac Sunfire era of my life.  Time to start a new chapter.