I just accepted my first substitute teaching job.  Although I may get called in tomorrow morning, and if so, that will be the first.

The job I accepted is for this Thursday and Friday at Leesville Middle School.  It’s for the Business Ed class… whatever that is.  I’m terrified!

I’ve never been a substitute teacher before.  I’ve never worked in a middle school before.  I’ve never taught a Business class before.  I’ve never had to be at work at 7:35am before.  Good Lord am I going to have to do bus duty?  OMG.

I’m fully expecting this to be my worst.job.ever.  And I mean this entire year of being a substitute teacher – not just this particular job.

I’m the kind of person who enjoys familiarity, routine, structure… this unknown of going to different schools, different classes, different kids, different working hours… SCARY.  Stressful.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though.  So I’ll be getting stronger.  I made it through last year, so I can make it through this year.  I was actually thinking today that maybe I should have signed on to work another year in the AU class because even getting beat up by kids with Autism was at least predictable.  At least I knew where I was going every day and I knew who I was working with and I knew where to park and how long it took me to get there and I knew the kids!

What am I going to wear?!  Where will I put my lunch?  Where will I eat my lunch?  and When?  Will the middle schoolers be holy terrors?  Will they be respectful?  This is the worst.  I’m not cut out for this job.