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While writing this post, this song was playing in my head.  Feel free to listen while you read 🙂

So, 2 pretty big things happened yesterday.

1. I met with the counselor in Fuquay, and I’ve decided I’ll probably do my practicum (aka part-time internship) with him this Spring!  It will be a great learning experience for me to get to know all about how a private practice works.  He actually does consulting to teach other counselors how to get their own private practices up and running… so he’ll be able to share a lot of really helpful stuff with me, I’m sure!  But that leads us to #2…

2. We met with our real estate agent last night because we really HAVE to move.  I mean, we really WANT to move, but now that I’m planning on working part time in Fuquay… that commute would be ridiculous from our current home.  Like 45 minutes.  Versus 15 minutes when we move.  Big difference.

So we came up with some big changes to make in our house to get this place SOLD!  And it’s unfortunate that these are all really awesome changes that it would have been great to have made years ago so we could have actually lived with and enjoyed them… but as our agent said, your house never looks better than it does when you sell it.


Currently our entryway looks like this:

And our kitchen looks like this:

BIG CHANGES:  We’re putting in hardwood floors in the entryway and kitchen!

AND we’re putting in granite countertops in the kitchen!

AND we’re taking down the wallpaper in the kitchen and repainting it!

Currently our upstairs master bathroom looks like this:

And the upstairs second bathroom looks like this:

BIG CHANGES:  We’re taking down the wallpaper both upstairs bathrooms and repainting them!

Plus we are possibly repainting both bedrooms.  Haven’t decided for sure on that one yet.

And all of these could potentially be completed within the next 2 weeks.  MIND BLOWING right?  And then… we sell.  Because if somebody doesn’t buy our house with hardwoods, granite counters, and freshly painted walls… then it’s not going to happen.

Our plan:  sell by the end of October.  Move before Thanksgiving.


So this was almost 2 weeks ago.  Talan and I broke out the Kid’s Concoctions book and picked out three things to make.  Peanutbutter play dough, splongee ball, and invisible ink.

The play dough was somewhat successful.  I made a snowman with mini chocolate chips.

You can see what Talan enjoyed about this project.

He picked it out because it was edible.  So I guess it’s not so surprising that was what he did the entire time.

The splongee ball was his favorite craft that we did.  You can see it in the bottom of the picture above.  It was so simple.  3 sponges cut into strips of 3 pieces each, and tied together with a zip tie.  So simple.  He loved it.

We also tried invisible ink which was a total flop.  It was que tips dipped in lemon juice to write your secret message.

Then you were supposed to be able to hold the paper up to a light bulb or heat source and the message would magically appear.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I even put our papers in the oven until they practically burned, and our messages stayed invisible.  Oh well.

So that’s our crafty adventures summary!

Oh no!

I just checked in on my house and saw that it is under verbal contract!  Just waiting for bank signatures! Noooooooooo!  I knew that house was an awesome deal.  A steal.  A totally awesome amazing house for much less than it was worth.

And here we are… still waiting waiting waiting waiting for someone to buy our townhouse… because we can’t buy a new home until someone buys this one.

I’m so frustrated.  Maybe it will fall through.  Maybe it will come back on the market.  That happens.

There’s still the other house in the same neighborhood, same floorplan, just asking a lot more… that’s still a possibility.

But I’m just so discouraged.  Just called my agent right before I saw that and left him a message.  Waiting to hear back so I can talk to him about whether he will step it up and help us sell our house or whether we will switch to a new agent.

I really wanted that house.  And I wanted to go look at it in person tomorrow afternoon.  I was cussing when I saw that update on the listing.  Cussing outloud to myself.  So frustrating.

So after reading Melissa’s blogs all about intuition, signs, and things being “meant to be” I feel like I just received a sign right now.

So Bryan and I have had our house up for sale since May, and lately we’ve been feeling really discouraged because it hasn’t sold yet, and because not many people are coming to take a look at it, and most of all we feel like our agent has kind of abandoned/given up on us.  We debated switching to another agent, but then something happened.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a long-term substitute position opening at the elementary school where I used to work.  I taught first grade there for 3 years, and the long term sub position was in first grade!  And the dates would work out extremely well for me – mid-October through December (up to Christmas break) which would be really convenient since it would guarantee me a job for the rest of the fall semester.  The bonuses were that the school hours fit with my grad school class times, I would enjoy getting to work in a familiar environment with teachers who I was friends with years ago, and it would only be 2 1/2 months so it wouldn’t be like getting stuck there for a whole year.  Plus if there ever was a long-term sub position that I was qualified for, it was this one.  Oh, and the school is 5 minutes from our house.

So Bryan and I talked it over, and decided I had to apply.  It was too good of an opportunity to pass it up.  I was basically a shoo-in.  I mean, really.  I have glowing references from the school where I worked last year plus my tutoring job, plus how could they find anyone more qualified than me for that exact position?  Bryan and I decided that if I got that job, we would take the house off the market and re-list it in the spring with a new agent (because we wouldn’t be able to move if I did get that position because there’s no way I could commute from Holly Springs back up here every day).

We waited and waited… nothing.  Over a week went by.  Hmmm.  So last Friday we decided since I hadn’t heard from them, I probably didn’t get the job, which is why we decided to go ahead and discuss possibly keeping the house on the market and switching agents now.

So just now, my phone rang.  I wasn’t familiar with the number but had just called a doctor this morning and thought maybe they were returning my call, so I answered.  “Well, hey girl!  How are you doing?”  ummmm, fine?  (who is this??)  “It’s ___ ___!!”  (Ohhh!  The assistant principal from my old school!  Ah ha!  So here’s the call!)  So, as it turned out, she had recommended the position to someone else already.  And she wanted to know if I’d be interested in a long-term sub position for Jan-Feb instead, but no-can-do because this spring I’ll be doing my part-time internship which means I’ll only be able to sub maybe 3 days a week at most at that point.

So that was my sign.  We’re in the clear.  I posted on FB yesterday and got a bunch of recommendations for other agents to contact… and I feel like we have to do it.  So now we just have to figure out how to break it to our current agent… I’ve never fired someone before!  And it’s hard because I really like the guy!  He’s just not selling our house.

Oh, also, last night I finally went through our budget.  That was the other thing we had decided must be done in order to make our decision of whether to keep the house on the market or not.  We needed to figure out if we could honestly afford to move at this point.  Well, after much analyzing and Excel spreadsheet-making, I determined that yes, in fact, we definitely could afford to move because the new house wouldn’t actually change our monthly bills by more than a few hundred dollars, and we should be able to swing that.  So that was decided last night.  Now today’s phone call was basically the icing on the decision cake.

I REALLY REALLY want to move before Thanksgiving because we have 5 people coming from out of town (Bryan’s parents, my mom and Tom, and my sister), plus we’ll have Talan, and I would love to have a bigger house with more space for guests to stay with us plus a larger dining room where we can really have room to seat everyone for the big dinner.

In my meditation a few months ago, which was the inspiration for the name of this blog, my spirit guides assured me that they saw us moving before Thanksgiving.  But then again, their sense of time can be different from ours, so I always knew that that could mean Thanksgiving 2011 or it could mean Thanksgiving 2012.  But I’m hoping for 2011.  Here was Thanksgiving 2009.  It’s doable, but crowded to have Thanksgiving at our townhouse (we’ve done it twice now).  I’m ready for a bigger house!

Their main advice to me was to enjoy the process.  Enjoy the process of looking for a home.  Enjoy the process of selling our home (as much as you can enjoy that…).  So I’ve been trying.  Trying to enjoy.  And I’ve found a house that I really, really want to buy.  Haven’t even seen it in person yet, but I love it so much.  I love its potential.  I love so many things about it.  I love the fact that it has room for us to grow.  I love that I can see us being happy there for the next 10 years.  I love that it’s totally in our price range.  In my meditation, my spirit guides also told me that when I set foot inside the house that was meant for us, I would know it immediately.  I would feel so excited I might jump up and down.  I would know that it was “the one” without a doubt.  And they told me that our house would come on the market and be ready for us when the time was right for us to get it.  I hope that time is now…


*** UPDATE***

Since I posted this about 1.5 hours ago, I have an update!  Another sign?  Maybe.  I have been having the hardest time figuring out where to do my internships for counseling since I really want to be in a private practice type setting, and there just aren’t a lot of those offering career counseling.

Today I took the day off from work to force myself to start calling places about possibly interning for them because I’ve been paralyzed by fear and have been putting this off for many months.  Now it’s down to the wire, so I forced myself to call 2 places so far today (there aren’t a whole lot to choose from).

Well, one of them just called me back, and he sounds really interested – he said he was hoping to get an intern!  The *sign* aspect?  His office is in Fuquay – only 15 mins from the dream house.  42 mins from our current house.  Therefore, we have to move because that commute would totally suck from our current house.  But from our *new* house it would be an awesome commute!

I meet with him on Thursday afternoon to discuss!

That’s me.  So tired.

Today helped me remember why I quit teaching.

Because sometimes it’s totally awful.

As I walked to my car after school today I thought “worst. day. ever.”  but now that I’m home I’m re-evaluating and realizing that it wasn’t REALLY the worst day ever.  It was just a pretty crappy day that I wouldn’t ever want to repeat.

I know one thing for sure – I’ll never sub in THAT class again!  Fo sho.

It was a 3rd grade class and they were out of control.  Apparently the teacher is fresh out of college so I have to assume that part of the problem is that they haven’t been taught any behavior management… because they didn’t seem to have a CLUE that they were supposed to raise their hands instead of calling out constantly.  Finally finally finally by the very end of the day after repeating my expectation many times that I absolutely only wanted to hear someone’s voice IF they had raised their hand AND IF I called on them, FINALLY I started to get them to start raising their hands instead of calling out.  DEAR LORD.  How hard of a concept is that?  Apparently very hard.

Seriously.  Some of the kids in this class could NOT keep their mouths shut.  COULD NOT.  I told them they were driving me crazy and that’s pretty bad when it’s your first day with a class and you still have an hour left in the school day.  Crazy shouldn’t be happening yet at that point.

Oh but there was this one boy who was just so bad.  He’s got issues.  Serious issues.  Like he is incapable of behaving I guess.  He’s on a “behavior plan.”  Ha.  Yeah.  Not really working.

Plus the lesson plans were awful.  I modified some of them because her plans called for things that just weren’t going to happen with the class being as crazy as they are.  Like, letting them do review work games in pairs?  Ummmm, no.  We did it whole class.  No way was I letting them all work in pairs.  They were too loud and crazy if I let them have any freedom.

Then she had this crossword puzzle they were supposed to do which was REALLY HARD and I didn’t even know most of the answers, and the kids definitely didn’t so that was a train wreck.  And she hadn’t left any plans for the last 30 minutes of the day – that portion of her plans was entirely blank, so I had figured we would extend the science lesson to cover that time.  But in the middle of science, another teacher came in the room and told me the kids were supposed to switch rooms at that point for Team Time.  Whatever.  No, that was not in my plans.  So I had a bunch of kids from other classes all of a sudden and I had them do math problems.  By that point, I was like, the hell with this.  I’m ready for this day to be OVER.

So, yeah, never subbing in that class ever again.

This made me realize why I enjoyed working in the AU class so much.  Because those kids don’t argue and talk back and pick at each other and annoy each other and you don’t have 16 kids who you’re trying to get quiet and focused and one of them is always whining that another kid touched them or said something mean to them or threatened them and then they are mad and leave the room and slam the door and you have to get them to come back and close the door without slamming it and then they yell at another kid who’s laughing at them and tell them they hate them and that they’re going to head-butt them (yes.  head-butt.)… and then another kid gets mad and throws their work on the floor and breaks their pencil because they’re mad and meanwhile you’ve got these sweet little girls and boys who all get left in the dust because you’re dealing with the crappy attention hogging kids and don’t have any time or energy or caring feelings left for the other half of the class who are so patiently sitting there watching this chaos unfold.

Awful day.  I hate teaching.  Thank God I’m in graduate school to do something other than teach kids.  THANK GOD.

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