Just a quick update.

Yesterday I subbed in a 3rd grade class at Brier Creek Elementary.  That was exhausting.  I was so wiped out by the end of the day!  Last night I went to bed at 8:45 and fell asleep immediately.  Didn’t get up until 8am this morning, but probably could have slept longer.

No subbing today – I had originally signed up to sub a half day in a CCR class this afternoon but the job was canceled and nothing else came available.

Two interesting things from yesterday:

1.  There was a possibility of tornadoes in our area yesterday.  The threat level started out at a watch, which meant there was a possibilitiy of tornadoes.  Then, around 11am it turned into a warning, which means a tornado has been spotted somewhere.  So the tornado siren went off in the school, and we had to bring all the kids into the hallway, just like we do during tornado drills, where they all get down on their knees and bend over facing the wall with their heads down and their hands over their heads.  The difference of course was that this was not a drill.

Therefore, instead of letting the kids get up after about 30 seconds, we had to keep them down there on the floor, ducking and covering, for about 15 or 20 minutes.  I don’t remember how long it really was, but it seemed like forever.  And I know the kids were really uncomfortable.  Can you imagine kneeling on a hard concrete floor for any length of time while keeping your head down by your knees?  Sounds awful.

Plus it was a little scary knowing that tornadoes could really be a threat.  Based on our experience this past April when we had dozens of tornadoes hit the triangle area and destroy houses and buildings, I felt like this was a legitimate concern.  Luckily nothing bad happened and we eventually were able to go back into the classroom and resume the day.

2.  Fortune tellers are apparently still the hottest thing in 3rd grade.  I guess they’ve just stayed in elementary school all these years.  So a girl came up to me at one point during the day and offered to tell my fortune.  I picked chocolate lab on the top of the fortune teller, then I picked a couple of different numbers inside the teller.  She opened up the tab, and read me my fortune: “you will have a baby.”  hmmmmmmmmmm.  Is that a typical 3rd grade fortune?!  It felt like a crazy twilight zone type of moment where it was like, did she really just say that?  I was expecting something more third-grader-ish such as, “you like to eat candy.”

I smiled and said ok, and the girl smiled and walked away.  So… I guess we will just wait and see whether my fortune comes true.