Last night Bryan and I watched two movies.  Well, actually, we had started a movie (Inside Job) Tuesday night but because I was so tired, we stopped it halfway through, and finished watching it last night.  Then we watched another movie called Hanna.

Inside Job was great.  Totally recommend it.  Really good documentary all about our financial crisis and how it happened.

Hanna was entertaining and suspenseful.  I wouldn’t say it was my favorite movie ever.  I enjoyed the action and suspense but felt that the plot line was a little weak.  Although I think Bryan disagreed on that point so maybe I was just being picky.  Anyway, worth watching if you feel like it.  Not anything too scary or disturbing.

In between movies, Bryan suggested that I should check to see if any sub jobs had been posted yet for Thursday.  So I logged on, and guess what?  There was an opening for a sub for the AUII class (Autistic 3rd-5th grade) at Leesville Elementary – my old job from last year!  I accepted it immediately.

My job last year ended up being really stressful and there was a whole lot of craziness that happened, but through it all, it is actually one of my favorite jobs that I’ve ever had.  It’s probably the only job that I’ve ever had that I actually really enjoyed going to work, I didn’t feel too exhausted, I had a good time most days, and didn’t at all dread going to work in the mornings.  Which is surprising I know… considering all the drama and whatnot of working in a class with kids with autism and the one student who was physically dangerous and the teacher who got burnt out and left… strange, but I still really liked that job.

So today I was really excited to go back!  I am glad I’m not working there full time this year – for many reasons – but it was very fun to see all the old familiar faces of staff as well as kids from my class.  I got a lot of hugs, and the one student who is verbal even remembered my name!  (I think the other two students remembered me as well, but they can’t talk).

It was fun, but like I said, I’m glad to not be there full time.  There’s a new teacher, and I think she’s in over her head so far.  Plus there are two new boys who are very sweet but VERY low functioning so it’s just a totally different atmosphere than it was last year.  I’ll be going back again tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll pick up some more sub jobs there in the future as well.  But it’s nice to know that it’s not my problem any more!