Today was a chilly, rainy day.  Funny how the weather goes… Last week it was hot, hot, hot, in the 90s every day up until Thursday.  Then Friday, burrrrrrrr.  The temps dropped and it was about 65!  Today was still really chilly and drizzly.  Actually really refreshing though, feels like fall!  We had a nice long summer, so it’s really fun feeling the coolness and anticipating the fun holiday season that’s now fast approaching!  I just love all the seasons.  I love summer so much.  I love fall.  I LOVE winter (mostly because I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and snow).  I LOVE SPRING.  So yeah, I just love the changing seasons, so I’m excited that the weather’s getting cooler.


Since the weather was dreary, we decided to stay home today, and entertained ourselves by making homemade pizza!  This morning we made the homemade watermelon sorbet, which we ate for dessert after the pizza.

Our pizza was a big success!  It was delicious!  Not too terribly difficult either.  Now I’m looking forward to tweaking the recipe in the future to make a thinner crust and maybe add some garlic powder to the crust like Domino’s does because we love that.


We all worked together on this as well.  Talan helped by adding spices and stirring the sauce.  He also helped by sprinkling cheese and putting pepperonis on the pizza.  Bryan helped make the sauce and he helped by keeping Talan entertained when I didn’t need Talan’s “help” haha.  Talan also helped by dumping a teaspoon of salt on the stovetop instead of into the sauce, and Bryan helped by accidentally dropping and spilling the spices onto the kitchen floor.  Haha.  The whole thing was eventful.  But in the end, Talan really did help do some dishes, which was nice.  And we all enjoyed a delicious finished product!