Well, I was just reading my friend Melissa’s blog about her extended time in Italy where she is now, and she had a post about going to a vinyard and doing a wine tasting there.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure her wine tasting experience was about 99% cooler than ours 🙂  haha.  But you take what you can get I guess.

Last Sunday Bryan and I cashed in a Living Social deal that we had bought with Mike and Amanda back in March!

It included a wine tasting with sampling 5 different wines, then a glass of wine for each of us (our pick of the ones we had sampled) along with a “picnic” basket to enjoy out on the deck with bread, cheese, and cookies.

Then we also got to each take home a bottle of wine of our choice.  So all in all it was a good deal, even if it wasn’t in Italy 🙂

I had fun putting together the little video at the beginning of this post from our afternoon wine tasting.

Afterwards we went back to Mike and Amanda’s place and Bryan and Mike watched football while Amanda and I talked.  We had pizza, and Mike also made Buffalo chicken (they are from Buffalo so I guess he knows how to make it!) plus Buffalo chicken dip and homemade salsa with chips.  Impressive and yummy spread!  We had a great time.