I love these tiny houses.  I don’t want to live in one full time… but something about them just fascinate me and make me want one.  Have you heard of them?  Tumbleweed, the Tiny House Company?  So neat.

I really want to buy The Small House Book, and have actually gotten as far as to click “Buy It” on the website, but then I always think, what the heck do I need this book for?  I’m not actually going to build a tiny house.  I just like to look at the pictures and imagine what it would be like to have one.

Ajith, I think these tiny houses are made for you.  I think you should totally build one.  You have always loved the small spaces!  Jesi, I see you loving these as well and building one for yourself as well… Just saying.

If you’re as enamored as I am with these awesome little things, you can explore their website.  Also, this 25 year old girl built one at Puget Sound, and there’s a post about her on the website.  And here’s a link to more pictures that she posted of the building process as well as more shots of the inside and outside of her completed little home.  So cool.

If you do check out the website, under the Plans tab, my favorite houseplan is The Loring.  LOVE.  So adorable!!!  Ad.  Or.  A. Ble.

I took all of these pictures from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Facebook page, of which I am a fan.