Oh no!

I just checked in on my house and saw that it is under verbal contract!  Just waiting for bank signatures! Noooooooooo!  I knew that house was an awesome deal.  A steal.  A totally awesome amazing house for much less than it was worth.

And here we are… still waiting waiting waiting waiting for someone to buy our townhouse… because we can’t buy a new home until someone buys this one.

I’m so frustrated.  Maybe it will fall through.  Maybe it will come back on the market.  That happens.

There’s still the other house in the same neighborhood, same floorplan, just asking a lot more… that’s still a possibility.

But I’m just so discouraged.  Just called my agent right before I saw that and left him a message.  Waiting to hear back so I can talk to him about whether he will step it up and help us sell our house or whether we will switch to a new agent.

I really wanted that house.  And I wanted to go look at it in person tomorrow afternoon.  I was cussing when I saw that update on the listing.  Cussing outloud to myself.  So frustrating.