So this was almost 2 weeks ago.  Talan and I broke out the Kid’s Concoctions book and picked out three things to make.  Peanutbutter play dough, splongee ball, and invisible ink.

The play dough was somewhat successful.  I made a snowman with mini chocolate chips.

You can see what Talan enjoyed about this project.

He picked it out because it was edible.  So I guess it’s not so surprising that was what he did the entire time.

The splongee ball was his favorite craft that we did.  You can see it in the bottom of the picture above.  It was so simple.  3 sponges cut into strips of 3 pieces each, and tied together with a zip tie.  So simple.  He loved it.

We also tried invisible ink which was a total flop.  It was que tips dipped in lemon juice to write your secret message.

Then you were supposed to be able to hold the paper up to a light bulb or heat source and the message would magically appear.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I even put our papers in the oven until they practically burned, and our messages stayed invisible.  Oh well.

So that’s our crafty adventures summary!