While writing this post, this song was playing in my head.  Feel free to listen while you read 🙂

So, 2 pretty big things happened yesterday.

1. I met with the counselor in Fuquay, and I’ve decided I’ll probably do my practicum (aka part-time internship) with him this Spring!  It will be a great learning experience for me to get to know all about how a private practice works.  He actually does consulting to teach other counselors how to get their own private practices up and running… so he’ll be able to share a lot of really helpful stuff with me, I’m sure!  But that leads us to #2…

2. We met with our real estate agent last night because we really HAVE to move.  I mean, we really WANT to move, but now that I’m planning on working part time in Fuquay… that commute would be ridiculous from our current home.  Like 45 minutes.  Versus 15 minutes when we move.  Big difference.

So we came up with some big changes to make in our house to get this place SOLD!  And it’s unfortunate that these are all really awesome changes that it would have been great to have made years ago so we could have actually lived with and enjoyed them… but as our agent said, your house never looks better than it does when you sell it.


Currently our entryway looks like this:

And our kitchen looks like this:

BIG CHANGES:  We’re putting in hardwood floors in the entryway and kitchen!

AND we’re putting in granite countertops in the kitchen!

AND we’re taking down the wallpaper in the kitchen and repainting it!

Currently our upstairs master bathroom looks like this:

And the upstairs second bathroom looks like this:

BIG CHANGES:  We’re taking down the wallpaper both upstairs bathrooms and repainting them!

Plus we are possibly repainting both bedrooms.  Haven’t decided for sure on that one yet.

And all of these could potentially be completed within the next 2 weeks.  MIND BLOWING right?  And then… we sell.  Because if somebody doesn’t buy our house with hardwoods, granite counters, and freshly painted walls… then it’s not going to happen.

Our plan:  sell by the end of October.  Move before Thanksgiving.