What happened to our kitchen sink?

What happened to our kitchen counters?

This is how we’re living this weekend.

Yesterday the granite counter guys came out to “measure” and make a template for the granite.  The reason I put “measure” in quotes is because I thought that’s all they were going to do.  But apparently “measuring” also involves completely removing the counters AND the kitchen sink?!

They are coming to install the new counters and new sink on either Monday or Tuesday.  So, until either Monday or Tuesday, we have no kitchen counters and no kitchen sink.  Well, I take that back.  They left one small patch of counter space between the stove and pantry.  Why?  I do not know.  But it’s nice to have the space to put things.

And we do still have a kitchen sink… it’s just not in a usable space.

Here’s our sink:

The backyard is a logical place for it, right?  The granite guys said to keep it back there until they come back since they need the drain cover from it to use in the new sink.  Nice.