Saturday night Bryan and I went out with Laura and David for an early Birthday celebration for me.  Can’t believe I’m going to be turning 31 this week.  I’m well into my 30s now.  A whole year separated from my 20s.  I’m officially a 30-something.  No longer am I newly 30.  I’m now going to be 31.  Crazy.

So to celebrate we did something crazy.  We went out dancing!  That’s something I hadn’t done since my mid-20’s!  In fact, Bryan and I had never been out dancing at a club together since we’ve been together.  We’d always talked about it, but had never done it.  We met and started dating when I was 26, and several months into our relationship was when I completely lost my desire to “party.”  That desire to go out clubbing, dancing the night away, and drinking long island iced teas just vanished.  And instead I started wanting to go to bed by 10pm and wake up at a reasonable hour on the weekends.  Imagine that.

But a couple of weeks ago, while we were at a Duke football game with Laura and David, we decided to make a go of it, and go out dancing.  This took major planning since none of us were at all familiar with the bar scene any more, so I spent an entire afternoon researching to figure out where we might find good dancing nowadays.

The final plan was that we met up at Lucky B’s at 8:30pm.  Of course no one else was in the bar, and we pretty much had the place entirely to ourselves until 10pm.  But it worked out nicely.  We enjoyed a couple of rounds of drinks while getting to chat without having to yell at each other.  Then at 10:20pm once people actually started showing up at the bars, we walked around the corner to Noir.  Again, no one else was there yet, so we had our pick of tables, and chose a cocktail table to sit at.

We continued to drink and chat until around 11:30 when people finally started to hit the dance floor.  We danced for about an hour, which was fun.  At about 12:30am Laura and David called it a night.  Bryan and I stuck it out for a little while longer and left around 1:00am.

It was fun but I can’t handle it like I used to.  All day today I felt just rotten.  Lazy.  Sick to my stomach.  Tired.  Achey.  Uugh.  But I’m glad we went out.  Maybe we’ll do it again some day 🙂