By the way, for comparison, and a reminder, here’s what our kitchen looked like a little over a week ago:

Our granite counters are in!  They’ve actually been in for almost a week but I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to post.  I snapped some pictures with my phone, but we’ll have much nicer pictures once all the improvements are completed.

Our counter-tops came with a new stainless steel sink, too, which is awesome since our old sink was looking pretty crappy.

We got a new faucet as well, which is the kind with a pull out nozzle so you can use the faucet as a sprayer as well.  Pretty cool.

In order to save money we did not hire a plumber to re-hook-up our sink plumbing.  We hired youtube instructional videos instead.

Unfortunately, these pictures were actually taken this past Monday, and our sink is still not hooked up.  Ended up being a much more complicated process than we thought.  So Bryan is going to work on it some more this weekend, and hopefully we will be able to use our new kitchen sink (and dishwasher) by the end of this weekend!!

I’m also really looking forward to using our new kitchen for cooking since my 4 new cookbooks arrived in the mail on my Birthday on Thursday!  Perfect timing!  Also, Jesi sent me soup in the mail for my Birthday!  What a neat present – who would have thought you could send soup in the mail from Arizona to NC?  It’s actually dry beans and spices with the recipe for Indian Dahl, and I can’t wait to make it!!!  Just have to have a working sink first so we’ll be able to wash dishes! 🙂

Still working on figuring out a quote for the hardwood floors and removing wallpaper and painting… hopefully this week all that will happen.  I’m so ready to sell and move!