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Here are the pictures from our updated listing with our new hardwood floors and granite counters.  It looks lovely.  So now we need some people to come check it out and buy it!

The kitchen:

The foyer:

The new sink:

Here’s a link to our listing on


I originally wrote up this post back in September, but never posted it for some reason.  So it’s been sitting on my blog desktop for months, and I just decided it is an appropriate time to post it since I just bought new fuzzy socks today!

I have a real love for warm, thick, fuzzy, soft socks.

With warm, thick, fuzzy, soft flannel pants.

Plus a warm, fuzzy, soft fleece sweatshirt if it’s really cold.  And I’m cold a lot in our house.  Even when it’s warm outside.  Because Bryan is always hot and I am usually cold.

Anyone with me on the love of all things warm and fuzzy and cozy?  I have warm, fuzzy, soft, cozy blankets on our couches year-round for the same reason.  I rarely sit on the couch without putting on a blanket, even in the middle of the summer.  Even when Bryan’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he claims it is hot in our house.  I still get chilly, and love to bundle up.


I had to reassemble my computer and all its cords today because we took it apart to use the monitor for a conference this past week.  While I was down on the floor untangling and figuring out where cords belonged, I found my Flip video camera behind my desk!  It was covered in a thick layer of dust.  I think it had been back there for well over a year.

I was excited to find it, since I’d been wondering what in the world happened to it.  After plugging it in to charge it back up, I looked to see what might be on it, and found this video!

According to the video info attached to the file, it was taken in March of 2010.  That sounds about right.

Talan had just turned 4.  Now, he’s about to turn 6 in 3 months.  He’s definitely grown a lot since this video was shot!  I’m pretty positive he wouldn’t be able to fit into this box and be carried around so easily like this any more!

Not much going on right now, just procrastinating – I have a ton of school work I should be doing, so of course I’m writing a blog post instead.

Here’s a view from our bedroom window of the pretty tree in front of our house.  It’s a lovely sunny fall day.  Upper 60s.

Our agent came and took pictures of our new hardwood floors and granite counter tops last Saturday but still has not posted them and we haven’t heard from him since last Saturday.  We are feeling frustrated.  It just seems to be like this: we take a big leap or step forward, and think we’re moving somewhere, and then we don’t move.  We sit.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving already!  Amazing.  I’m not ready yet.  Haven’t planned what food we’re going to eat yet.  Too much else to do.

Today of course I had to stop by Old Navy because they were having a 75% off all coats and jackets sale… couldn’t pass that up.  I got two new jackets:

Originally $60, and I got each jacket for $15.  Not bad!  And it’s always good to have a variety of jackets to choose from, right?  I got one black and one gray plaid.

I also got a few pairs of fuzzy socks because I always need more of those.  I wear them around the house constantly because my feet get cold easily.

That is all.  I have to go do my statistics now.  No more procrastinating.

This afternoon Amanda and I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes at the DPAC in Durham.

It was fun!  We sat in the absolute last row in the top back corner of the theater!  (And this is a HUGE theater, so the last row is really far back and really high up!)  You can see Amanda in the picture below (sitting next to my red jacket):

But our view was fine.

I tried taking a picture during the performance but it came out like this:

Fail.  Oh well.  It was a very fun show.  Put me in the Christmasy spirit.  And after the show, we walked outside and it was snowing!

We tried to get some pictures of ourselves covered in snow flurries.

It wasn’t real snow of course – I think it was in the 60s today – it was a machine blowing small globs of soap through the air, but it looked like snow!  So that was fun.

I can’t believe we’re really half way through November already… and next week is Thanksgiving?!  How is that even possible?

Pictures of new floors coming soon!  (They are beautiful!!)

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