A few weeks ago Talan and I baked some Halloween sugar cookies.  Bryan documented the event, and I finally got around to editing and uploading the video last night, so here it is!

Talan and I make things together in the kitchen pretty regularly.  We bake cookies, make smoothies, bake cakes, etc.  But this is the first time we’ve documented the process on video.

Baking cookies (or doing anything in the kitchen) with a 5 year old is pretty stressful, but seeing this video really helped me appreciate that I do this with him because you can clearly see how much he enjoys it.  In the moment, it’s hard for me to stop and see how happy he is because I’m too worried about eggshells getting into the batter and flour and sugar getting dumped all over the floor.  But I really enjoyed watching this video and seeing how much Talan enjoys baking with me, and it gives me motivation to do things like this with him more often.