This has been going on for way too long, and it’s really been very stressful for me.

We decided about a month ago (which feels to me like a decade ago) to update our flooring and counter tops in the kitchen and entryway in order to sell our house faster. We were able to immediately have our granite counters installed the week after making that decision, and we thought our new wood floors would be in at the same time.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, the process dragged on and on and on. Our awesome real estate agent went above and beyond contacting tons of different flooring places, meeting with them, getting quotes, etc. only to have one after the other fall through. Some of them raised their prices after giving quotes. Some of them just fell off the planet and never returned his calls again. The whole thing has been so strange and so frustrating for him but especially for us since we want to sell our house ASAP.

So finally last night he met with another guy who gave us a really good price, and our agent, James, said he had one additional guy coming out this morning, but he was pretty sure we’d go with the guy from last night because it would be hard to beat his quote and the quality of wood he was offering.

Well, this morning the other guy showed up, and after lots of sales-pitch talk and negotiating and him going back and forth out to his car to call his manager etc. etc. we ended up getting the best quality in cherry color, which is exactly what I wanted, for $100 less than the guy who quoted James last night, and it’s a better color wood than we would have gotten with the other guy.

AND this guy today ordered our flooring on an overnight rush delivery so it’s being delivered tomorrow, and they’ll be installing our new floors FRIDAY MORNING!!!! FINALLY!!!!! OMG!!!!

So James will come over as soon as they are done putting in the new floors so that he can snap new pictures of our updated entryway and kitchen, get them posted to MLS… and get us some BUYERS in here! Whew!

I know this isn’t the end of the story – the biggest hurdle is still to actually get someone to come in and make an offer and buy our house. But this feels huge. I have a good feeling.

And the weather is so gorgeous right now… 70 degrees, bright blue cloudless skies, and the FALL TREES! They are so pretty right now, they take my breath away. The reds! The oranges! The yellows!

Our neighborhood in particular is so beautiful right now, and if someone comes to look at our house, I can’t see how anyone could NOT fall in love.  The photo above is taken from the view from our mailbox.  This is what I get to see every day when I turn around to walk back to our house after checking the mail.  I love it.  And it’s going to get even prettier over the next couple of weeks!!

And the leaves aren’t even at their peak yet!  The tree right in front of our house (the one right in the middle of the photo above) is just barely beginning to change colors.  Right now it has a tinge of red starting on it, but I know from past years that when it’s at its peak (usually just before Thanksgiving), it’s a gorgeous bright golden yellow/orange!

I feel like this timing is perfect and everything still has the opportunity to work out the way it’s meant to… which means selling and moving before Christmas!!