I originally wrote up this post back in September, but never posted it for some reason.  So it’s been sitting on my blog desktop for months, and I just decided it is an appropriate time to post it since I just bought new fuzzy socks today!

I have a real love for warm, thick, fuzzy, soft socks.

With warm, thick, fuzzy, soft flannel pants.

Plus a warm, fuzzy, soft fleece sweatshirt if it’s really cold.  And I’m cold a lot in our house.  Even when it’s warm outside.  Because Bryan is always hot and I am usually cold.

Anyone with me on the love of all things warm and fuzzy and cozy?  I have warm, fuzzy, soft, cozy blankets on our couches year-round for the same reason.  I rarely sit on the couch without putting on a blanket, even in the middle of the summer.  Even when Bryan’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he claims it is hot in our house.  I still get chilly, and love to bundle up.