I had to reassemble my computer and all its cords today because we took it apart to use the monitor for a conference this past week.  While I was down on the floor untangling and figuring out where cords belonged, I found my Flip video camera behind my desk!  It was covered in a thick layer of dust.  I think it had been back there for well over a year.

I was excited to find it, since I’d been wondering what in the world happened to it.  After plugging it in to charge it back up, I looked to see what might be on it, and found this video!

According to the video info attached to the file, it was taken in March of 2010.  That sounds about right.

Talan had just turned 4.  Now, he’s about to turn 6 in 3 months.  He’s definitely grown a lot since this video was shot!  I’m pretty positive he wouldn’t be able to fit into this box and be carried around so easily like this any more!