Last night I had an interesting dream.

But let me back up a little.

Yesterday we met with our agent, and had the hard talk about what we’re going to do now.  After much discussion, we have decided that we will keep our house on the market through December 19 (the Monday before Christmas) and then we’ll remove it.  Because we need at least 3 months, and 4 is even better, of it being off the market in order for it to be “fresh” and “hot” when we re-list it in the Spring-time market.

We’re planning to put it back on the market in mid April.  We’re getting to the point now that our listing is getting stale, and people will soon start saying things like, “why has this home been on the market so long?  There must be something wrong with it.”  And then even if they like it, they’ll go to extreme lengths to find out what’s “wrong” with our house, and they’ll make really low-ball offers because they’ll assume that since our house has been on the market for so long, we’re probably desperate to sell.

But if we take it off for 4 months and then re-list we don’t have those issues, our listing is fresh, there’s no concerns about there being something wrong with the house or anything, and, ideally, the housing market will have improved a bit by that point and we won’t have super low-ball offers.

Obviously this is a big disappointment and we are still of course hoping that someone will miraculously come visit and make an offer and purchase our house while we still have it on the market for the next few weeks.  But once we get to Christmas and beyond we have conceded that the market drastically dips, and there will be few if any people coming to look through the cold, rainy, winter months.

So, that was on my mind last night as I went to bed.  I was praying about it, and feeling a little confused about what to do and what all this means.

And I had this dream:

During the first part of my dream, Bryan and I got married, and all of my family and friends were there.  Then, I was still in my wedding dress, and I was walking around the venue (of course NOTHING was the same as our actual real wedding).  It turned out there were many other weddings going on at this same venue on the same day, and there were other brides walking around and other wedding parties sitting around.

I walked past two sets of wedding parties sitting around, and in both of them, I saw Conan O’Brien sitting, looking extremely bored.  He was a part of several different wedding parties that day apparently.  (His dog wasn’t there, but his face looked a lot like this:)

Keep in mind, this is a dream, so anything goes.  Conan was in two places at the same time and this did not seem odd to me at all.  I guess he was able to clone himself or something.  Anyway, as I passed by him for the second time, and saw him again sitting and looking so bored and unhappy.

I wanted to cheer him up, so I walked up to him, and said hi.  He looked up at me and smiled and looked really happy to see me, and said, “Hi!”  The girl next to him was wearing a frilly blue bridesmaid dress that looked sort of like this:

And the girl looked at Conan and apologized for me, and asked him if I was bothering him.  He said to her, “no, no, she’s not bothering me at all!  I’m actually really happy to talk with her!”  And then I asked him if he’d like to come hang out with me, and he nearly jumped at the opportunity.  He enthusiastically said, “Yes!” with a big smile, and leaned in to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

We walked off, me in my wedding dress, and him next to me.  Looking sort of like this:

I was looking forward to introducing him to all my family and friends, but especially was excited to have him meet Bryan since Bryan is such a big fan.  I felt so lucky and fortunate that Conan O’Brien was so excited about hanging out with me.  It seemed kind of like a dream come true.

We walked over to a set of bleachers where everyone I knew was sitting watching some sort of game or something, and we started to climb the bleachers.  Along the way people tried to stop us because they wanted to talk to Conan I think, but he wanted to keep going with me, so we kept climbing.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up, very disappointed that I hadn’t gotten the chance to have him meet Bryan yet.

I took a shower, and in the shower, while still half-asleep, I decided to try to analyze my dream to determine the meanings behind it.  There is a process I use for this, that I learned a while ago, I think it was in a Martha Beck book I was reading.  I’ve found that analyzing dreams using this method is AWESOME and yields some amazing results if you take the time to do it right.  I’ve also found that analyzing dreams while still half asleep in the shower is one of the easiest ways for me to get true results quickly because my mind is still half in dream land.

So, the way to do it is this:

Step 1: Identify the major characters or items that seem to be significant in your dream

Step 2: Pick one character or thing and describe what seem to be the elements or personalities of that person or thing.

Step 3: Put yourself into that person or thing.  In other words, “be” the person, or “be” the tree or car or whatever the thing is that seemed to have significance.  Close your eyes and really try to embody that person or thing.  So, for example, I embodied Conan O’Brien as he was in my dream.  I “was” the Conan in my dream, in my head, and as him, I described him to myself.  So I said, “I am Conan and I am a famous person.  I am funny, entertaining, fun to be around, and special” (or something like that – I was half asleep so I don’t remember exactly what adjectives I used).

Step 4: Then, while you’re still embodying this person or thing, tell yourself what your significance is to the dreamer in their waking life.  So, I said to myself “I am Conan in Stefani’s dream.  I am significant to her in her waking life.  In her waking life I symbolize…”  Then you wait until it pops into your head.  This is pretty easy for me when I’m half asleep in the shower.  It’s much harder when I’m wide awake because my own brain tries to get in the way.  But when the true symbolization comes to you, you’ll know it, because it feels like and “ah-ha!” moment.

Step 5: Repeat with any other significant characters or things from the dream until you figure out what everything in your dream symbolized and you can apply it to your waking life.

So, can you guess what Conan represented???

He represented my dream house!!

And what did our wedding represent??

Selling our current house!

So the way it all comes together is like this: to me, our wedding and planning of it represents a lot of planning, difficulties, stress, and time.  This matches almost perfectly with the ordeal we’ve gone through in trying to sell our house.  Both include a lot of hopes and dreams and excitement along with a lot of stress and frustrations and lots of time spent.  So that connection makes perfect sense to me.

Conan O’Brien represents this mythical person, a funny person who seems to me like he’d be so much fun to hang out with, but I’d never in a million years think that I’d get the opportunity to really hang out with him, much less that he’d actually CHOOSE to hang out with me and be excited about it.

Similarly, I see these houses, one in particular, on my searches that look like my dream house, and I think, wow.  So awesome.  How completely amazing would it be to actually live in my dream house.  But it feels (especially right this minute as we are about to go off the market and haven’t had anyone look at our house in a LONG time) to be a very far-off possibility.

By the way, this is what my dream house looks like right now (and what it has looked like for several months… I love this house):

Well, what my dream was telling me is that, despite seeming like a mythical, unrealistic, dream, in fact, my dream house is sitting, bored, waiting for me.  And it wants to be mine.  It wants to hang out with me.  It wants to meet my family.  And it will choose me over other people who also want it.  As amazing and unbelievable as that sounds (Conan wants to hang out with ME?!  My dream house is really going to be MINE?!) it happened!  In my dream anyway…

So I don’t know what this means, except that I have to give up, let go, and let God take control because in the end, we will get the house we’re meant to get, and we will sell this house when it’s meant to happen.  Whenever that is.  And I think that’s what my dream was telling me.

Ironically enough, as soon as I got to work this morning, a TA said to me, “I’m really struggling with trying to remember to let go and let Got take control.  I’m struggling with remembering to have the faith that he is in control.”  I just said, “Yeah, that can be really hard to remember.”  But I was like… wow, how interesting that she said that, out of nowhere, with no explanation, when it applied directly to me.  Hmm.

P.S. It’s so fun to go back through dreams after figuring out the symbolism and apply it to all the little things because it always makes so much crazy sense!

Like, for example, if our wedding symbolized us selling our house, then the fact that there were lots of weddings going on at the same time symbolized how there are lots of other people trying to sell their houses and the same time.  And the other weddings that Conan was involved in means the other people trying to buy my dream house.  But he was bored and uninterested in those weddings – the dream house is uninterested in other buyers, and is waiting for me to come along.