So now that I finally posted about Thanksgiving… here’s Christmas!!

We picked up our tree at around noon yesterday while we were out of the house because someone was viewing it (yay!)

We brought it back to the house, took it inside, unwrapped it (cut all the netting off), started vacuuming up the needles, and then got a call that the people who had viewed our house at noon wanted to come back and see it again at 1:45 (yay!!!) but that was in 10 minutes!  Yikes!

So we quickly and frantically finished vacuuming up the needles, threw open all the window blinds, turned back on all the lights in the house, and put our shoes on.  As we were getting our shoes on, I looked out the window, and yelled, “they’re here!”  Talan couldn’t get one of his shoes on, so we were just getting out the door as they were walking up the sidewalk.  But we made it out!

We went to Target.  Then came home and Talan took a nap.  We had to wake him up from his nap at about 5:20 to decorate the tree with us.  At first he was still half asleep…

Here’s our tree waiting to be decorated.

And here’s Talan still half asleep.

Bryan set up the camera to video document the tree festivities, and he also set up a light since that corner of the room was in a shadow (one of our overhead lights is burned out).

But eventually Talan woke up from his groggy post-nap haze and we got the tree decorated.  Here’s a video of the process!  (The section during the video when Bryan is holding Talan sideways and shaking him around was because he was still trying to get Talan to wake up out of his funk!)

And here’s the finished product.

As you can see, Talan did finally wake up.

And here’s some more evidence of that.

Some family photo shots with the tripod…

So there you go!  We are the in the holiday spirit now.  And we’re hoping hoping hoping that we’re going to get an offer on our house… 🙂 because selling this house would be the best Christmas present!!!!