I’m back!!  It’s been a while.  This semester has been insane.  So much going on in school as well as in life, and there has just been no time for anything else.  Still no time really, but I am procrastinating writing a research paper, so I am doing this instead.

Here is a brief synopsis of how we spent two solid weeks getting our house ready to put it back on the market.  This was part of our to-do list for those 2 weeks (we also had a bunch of large furniture we moved into a storage unit along with boxes of things).

This was our To Do List:

Things to Pack:

  • Talan’s closet
  • Outdoor storage closet
  • Kitchen: wine glasses, mugs, punch bowl, serverware, etc.
  • Jewelry from jewelry cabinet in master bedroom
  • All the stuff from inside the small dresser/buffet in master bedroom
  • Remaining items from shelves in master bedroom
  • Winter clothes/shoes from master closet
  • Remaining items hanging on walls: pennants in Talan’s room, diplomas in master bedroom, portrait in master, Molly collage in master
  • Remove all window treatments and pack up
  • Remove shelf from above toilet in master bathroom and pack

Things to Do:

  • Remove Wallpaper from bathrooms
  • Patch Holes in Walls, Touch Up Green Paint in Living/Entry
  • Caulk cracks in stairway, next to fireplace, and re-caulk around toilets and showers in bathrooms
  • Paint Bathrooms and Bedrooms
  • Touch up white trim paint on trim in all rooms, stairs, and kitchen cabinets
  • Spray paint towel rod and toilet-paper holder in hall bathroom with oil rubbed bronze spray-paint to update fixtures

Clean The Whole House:

  • Deep clean all rooms
  • Spot clean carpet
  • Wipe off ceiling fan blades
  • Windex all windows and mirrors
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Clean out around washer and dryer area
  • Use Magic Eraser on walls in closets

Stage The House:

  • Follow staging advice notes – remove all artwork from walls except a few pieces recommended by stager, fill in holes in walls
  • Hang artwork in suggested places
  • Plant flowers in pot in front of house
  • Get a vase of cheap flowers for table

We did all of that.  Here are some pictures of the in-process house we lived in during those 2 weeks:

In the process of packing things up and taking things down off the walls:

In the process of prepping and painting:

Do I look like I’m smiling in the below picture?  Because I’m pretty positive it was a growling grimace.  Things were not going our way…  this was a looooong and complicated process that I don’t even feel like getting into right now.  Painting took many, many days.

Priming the bedroom:

This is how our bedroom (and bed) looked for several days.  We somehow lived in this house throughout all of this.  It was awful.

Here was part of our main attempt at removing wallpaper before we gave up and called in the pros.  This was after spraying, soaking, and scoring the walls, and spending a couple of hours on this whole process:

My mom sitting in the living room/dining room the morning that the pros arrived to remove wallpaper and paint the kitchen and bathrooms.  They were there for 3 days, and basically invaded the house for those 3 days.

Our bed and bedroom continued to look like this:

Finally, once all the painting was done, then we had to clear all the furniture off the carpets to get the carpets professionally cleaned:

And… it was all worth it in the end.  Because we put our house on the market on a Friday, and on that Monday we got our offer and SOLD IT!  Can’t beat that! 🙂

You can see all the before and after photos here.