This is what happened on January 8, 2012!!!!:

Unfortunately, we have been SO BUSY that the only pictures we’ve gotten so far to document the pregnancy progress are the ones I’ve snapped of myself with my iPhone in the bathroom. 😦  I keep telling Bryan we need to start taking more and better pictures before my stomach is the size of a watermelon.  Hopefully we can accomplish that goal.

February 21, 2012: 10 1/2 Weeks:

March 7, 2012: 12 1/2 Weeks:

March 29, 2012: 16 Weeks

April 2, 2012: 16 1/2 Weeks

I haven’t actually gained a single pound yet.  Probably because I still feel sick a lot of the time.  My “morning sickness” has not gone away yet.  😦

But my baby’s growing anyway!! 🙂

We’re going to find out next week what we’re having!  Wednesday, April 18th is the day!