Let me start off by saying I’m not excited about this house, and I don’t have “that feeling” about it.  I don’t feel like it’s the house for us.  On the other hand, it is a very practical house.  And in actuality, it has almost everything we’re looking for in a house.

It’s in a decent neighborhood, and the neighborhood is a very convenient location.  The house is walking distance to the nice neighborhood pool.  It’s next door to a small neighborhood park.  The house itself is nice looking and attractive from the front, and has a good layout – good “bones” as our agent put it.

It has a 2-car garage, a really nice sized dining room, 4 bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and an open-feeling floor-plan.  It has laminate hardwood-looking floors on the first floor, which would need to be replaced eventually but look nice enough for now.  The kitchen is a decent size.  There’s a patio in back along with a decent sized backyard.

The backyard is very steep and sloped, which does not come across at all in the pictures I took, but it would need to be terraced and landscaped somehow to make it more usable.  So why doesn’t it feel right to me?  I don’t know.  We’re probably going to go ahead and make an offer on it, as long as someone else doesn’t beat us to it, because it’s our best option, and really, it’s a nice house.  Bryan likes it a lot.  He has no reservations about it like I do.

Ok, here we go… here’s the house with the park next to it:

Here’s the front of the house:

Here’s the view of the house next door to the right:

Here’s the view of the park and house next door to the left:

Another view of the park next door without the tree in the way:

Turning further to the left, here’s the view looking down the neighborhood street:


View of entryway from dining room:

View of entry hallway from dining room:

Dining room (where I’m standing while taking this shot, the pantry is to my right):

The pantry in between the dining room and kitchen:


Another view of the kitchen with the desk in the shot.  In between the desk and the refrigerator is the small hallway with the pantry off of it leading back into the dining room.

View of eat-in kitchen.  (Behind me as I’m taking this picture is the entry hallway leading back to the front door with the half-bath on the right, coat closet on the left, and door to garage on left.)

Family room (walls are tan, not green – blame the iPhone):

Gas fireplace:

View from family room window out side of house to yard and next door house:

Turning around from above picture, here’s the view back to kitchen with doorway to backyard patio on the right next to fireplace:


Two-Car garage:

Shelving in back of garage:

Upstairs landing (in middle back of this picture is the doorway to the master bedroom.  Straight across from master is doorway to nursery.  To left of nursery is laundry.  To left of laundry is Talan’s room.  Immediately behind where I’m standing taking this picture is the guest bathroom.  To my right is the office/guest room.)

master bedroom:

Master bedroom (to the right, not visible in this shot, is closet #1, and in the far left corner of the room, also not visible, is the door to the bathroom.  Through the bathroom is closet #2.

Closet #1:

View from standing in closet #1 looking across bedroom you can see doorway leading into the bathroom:

Master Bathroom:

Closet #2 accessed through bathroom:

View standing in closet #2 looking back through bathroom and into bedroom:

Across the hall from master bedroom is nursery:

View of nursery closet:

Next to nursery is laundry:

Next to laundry room is Talan’s room (picture taken standing in closet):

Talan’s closet:

Guest bathroom, between Talan’s room and office/guest room:

Guest bathroom linen closet:

Here’s the room we would use as Bryan’s office plus use it as a guest room as well:

Closet in office/guest room:

View of street from office/guest room:

View of playground from office/guest room (Talan would also have a view of the playground plus the backyard from his room, the nursery has a view of the back yard, and the master has views of the street in front as well as the neighbor’s house on the side):

So what do you think?  Am I crazy for not “feeling” this house?  I think maybe I am… it’s a good house.