We went and looked at another house today.  We had planned to look at two houses today, but the first one apparently just went under contract and so they withdrew it from showings this morning.  So, we just looked at this one.  And unfortunately it’s not really going to work out for us.  But here it is anyway:

Here she is - pretty looking house with nice little front porch. Only 1-car garage though.

Looking a little to the right of the house

Looking to the left of the house down the street - it's a side street, not a main street, which means it's short and has a culdesac, which is nice. The house down at the end of this street with the trashcan in front of the garage was the first house we ever looked at last year, and still remains a possibility although it's been withdrawn from the market and our agent has had no luck contacting anyone about it.

Entryway - front entry door is the door on the right. I'm standing in the living room, looking towards dining room, where Bryan is coming from.

Dining room

Standing in dining room, looking out, to the left takes you either out the front door or straight into the living room. To the right is a small hall with the half bath on its left and stairs on the right with a coat closet, leading into the kitchen.

Looking down the small hall into the kitchen: half bath is on left, stairs on the right, with coat closet next to the stairs

Now we're looking into the living room. I'm standing by the front door. It's nice enough. Kind of an odd shape - long and narrow.

Another shot of living room, looking towards kitchen and you can see the doors leading outside to the back deck and back yard

Another view of living room - I should have taken a shot from the kitchen side looking back towards the front of the house, but I didn't think to do that.

Gas fireplace is always a nice feature

Standing in kitchen, looking back towards living room

Standing in living room, looking into kitchen - it's a decent kitchen. Not very big though.

Talk about a steep backyard! This one apparently someone terraced it at some point, but it's really over-grown and it is a mess.

Pretty nice sized deck

One car garage - the door to the garage is through the kitchen

Going upstairs now

Getting to top of stairs - immediately ahead is the laundry closet which has curtains instead of doors. The door back to the right is the master bedroom. To the left past the laundry is a bedroom with clouds in it.

Taking a peak behind the curtain at the washer and dryer

Small, shallow linen closet directly across from laundry closet

And here is the small bedroom with clouds in it. View of the left side of the room with the tiny bed

View of room from the doorway

View of right side of room - closet is right behind the door into the room.


Master bedroom - probably about the same size as the bedroom we currently have in the townhouse. Decent. No "extra" space though for sure.

Master bedroom closet - Nice size. Probably about the same as the one we have now though in terms of size/storage capacity.

Standing in closet, another view of master bedroom

Master bathroom. Oh dear. Small. Small. Small. Only one sink.

Things are going downhill from here. No separate tub and shower either - not that I really care, but it's much better for re-sale to have the separate tub and shower along with TWO sinks in the master. (I DO care about the 2 sinks.)

Standing in master bedroom looking out, to the left is the guest bathroom, followed by a small bedroom, and at the end of the hall is the fourth bedroom.

Guest bathroom. Small.

Guest bathroom.

Here we have another small "bedroom." Although according to the agent showing us this house, this room actually cannot technically be counted as a bedroom. Why you ask? .....

More of the small "bedroom"

More of the small "bedroom." Notice anything missing? Hmmm. There's no closet. That makes this NOT functional in my opinion. And remember, the other cloudy bedroom was also small and had a very SMALL closet so it's not like you can make up for the lack of storage in other rooms.

Here we go into the final fourth bedroom - which I would call the "bonus" since it's over the garage. But it's not very big either.

this is definitely the largest of the 3 secondary bedrooms, but I definitely would not call it "large." If this was our house, this would have to be the office/guest room. The cloud room would probably be Talan's, and the daybed room would be the nursery. I mean, I guess, really you don't need a closet in a nursery. The problem is that we just need closets period - because we have a lot of stuff.

And here is the closet in the largest of the secondary bedrooms. NOT VERY BIG. So there you have it.

I mean, I guess there’s always the possibility of investing in more storage furniture pieces – shelving, dressers, etc.  But just for re-sale alone, the extreme lack of closet space in this house is a big concern to me, and pretty much makes it NOT an option at all.

The downstairs is nice enough.  But the small bedrooms with little to no closet space just really does me in.  Why would someone even build a house with so little closet space?!  Bizarre.

I am really hoping and praying that the right house for us is going to come on the market any day now.  Like, maybe Tuesday night it will come on the market, we can go look at it Wednesday, and make an offer that day.  That would be ideal.  Because our agent is out of town for a funeral this weekend in Seattle, and is going to get back in town on Tuesday.  And it would be really tricky to write an offer without her here!

So what I’d like to see happen is this: our perfect house gets listed on Tuesday evening.  It’s a fantastic price.  We look on Wednesday and snatch it up before anyone else gets a chance.