We had our 18 1/2 week ultrasound this morning, and found out we are having a girl 🙂

Here is the progression of ultrasound pictures we’ve gotten.

At 8 1/2 weeks we got the first ultrasound to basically confirm that I was indeed pregnant:

Then at 12 weeks we had another ultrasound done because they hadn’t been able to detect a heartbeat with the doppler and they wanted to be sure everything was OK.  And everything was ok!

Here’s a little illustration of how the baby is sort of looking at those stages – this shows what a baby looks like around 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 13 weeks:

So then today we had our (probably last) ultrasound where they make sure everything is developing normally – they could see the heart beating and the spinal cord was developed, and the brain was developing.  She said our baby is about 10 inches long now, if stretched from head to toes!  Here’s an illustration of 18 weeks along:

We were able to see a profile of the baby:

And here she is waving her hand at us (we were able to count 5 fingers!):

And we could see her feet moving around, here’s a shot of a foot:

So they said she looks good!  Everything looks good.  And I’m happy to find out it’s a girl!  So now we can start thinking about names!

Here we are outside of the birth center, documenting this occasion:

And a profile shot.  Some days I look more pregnant than others, and today seems to be one of the less-pregnant looking days.  At least so far… usually by the end of the day my stomach seems to be bigger than it is in the mornings.

These are my new maternity jeans from Old Navy, and I really like them!  They are SO much more comfortable for me than the first pair I had.  The first pair had a stretchy panel that came up over my whole stomach, and it just made me feel so sick having that pressure of fabric pressing on my stomach all the time!  So these jeans just come up to the normal height, and they have a stretchy elastic waistband, which feels so much better.  Yay!

And a big YAY for getting to buy little girl clothes now!!!!!! 😀