Well, I think we have found our dream house.  We LOVE it.  It’s a fantastic house.  Bryan and I agreed it’s the most awesome house we’ve seen in the entire year that we’ve been looking at houses – and it’s IN OUR PRICE RANGE, which is a miracle.

BUT.  The reason it’s in our price range is because it’s a short sale.  Meaning, a potentially long, difficult, and stressful sale that may take a long time, and we may not know for a long time if the bank will accept our offer, even though we offered the asking price.

So we can use all the good thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes toward us getting this house, as soon as possible preferably.

The house is everything we wanted.  It’s in Fuquay-Varina, but seeing this house makes me not care about living way out in the country.  It’s beautiful.  I really hope we get it.

Here she is! This is the MLS photo - this morning when I saw the house in person the weather was grey and overcast so you'll see a definite difference in the pictures that I grabbed from the MLS listing versus the ones I took this morning with my iPhone. Plus the house was furnished in the MLS photos, and now it is vacant. Good to see the comparisons though I think.

Here she is, taken with my iPhone this morning. Still a pretty house, even on an overcast morning.

Nice little front porch area that wraps around the side of the house a bit.

Left side yard of house

Right side yard of house

Looking down the street to the left

View from front of house - the house is right at an intersection in the neighborhood. Probably not ideal, but... we love the house anyway. And there's nice sidewalks along the road so still safe to go for walks and ride a bike and whatever.

Foyer entryway. Pretty stairs! Hall coat closet under the stairs.

Dining room - when you walk into the house, the dining room is immediately on your right, open to the foyer

dining room

Family room!! Check out this awesomely open floor plan! You can see to the right the dining room, and to the left, the gas fireplace (which is TWO SIDED, open to both the kitchen and the family room!!)

The small hallway between the family room and dining room leads to the left to the kitchen and half bath, and on the right where you can see the edge of our agent is the hall closet.

Here's a picture standing in front of the hall closet, looking down the hall toward the half bath with the dining room on the right

Half bath

Standing in half bath looking back down towards hall closet

hall coat closet - not the biggest closet, but it's ok

The family room

View from family room towards kitchen

View of the other side of the fireplace - from kitchen looking into family room

View of family room with fireplace on left side, you can see the doorway with the hall coat closet door leading to the entry foyer

The KITCHEN!!! 🙂

Left side of kitchen

Right side of kitchen

View from eat-in kitchen looking towards sun room!

Sun room! On the right side of the sun room are the doors leading out to the patio and back yard

Sun room now - vacant

Looking from kitchen to doorway that leads to garage. Through that doorway is the laundry room on the right, the pantry on the left, and the garage straight ahead. Pretty transom above the door!

Laundry room

Big pantry! Probably 3-4 times larger than the one we have now!

2-car garage - has some room on either side where we could store things and add some kind of shelving or something probably

Garage, looking back towards inside house

Now we're upstairs. Looking out over the foyer from the landing at the top of the stairs

Looking down to the foyer

Standing in upstairs hallway, looking back towards stairs, master bedroom door is on the right

Master bedroom

Door to master bathroom

View from master bedroom windows

Bathroom door on left, door to hallway on right

Master bathroom - notice the vaulted up ceiling! Fancy! Immediately to left is shower, then tub, then toilet. On the right is closet then dual sink vanity

Really nice size walk-in closet - currently totally under-utilized by a lack of efficient shelving, but with a closet renovation and added shelving, this closet would probably hold twice the capacity of our current master closet

Back in the hallway at the top of the stairs. The doorway on the left is to the master bedroom. Farther down the hall on the right is the nursery. Next to the nursery is the guest bathroom. Immediately across from the bathroom is the linen closet. The door you can see at the end of the hall goes to the office/guest room (bonus room), and if you turn left at the end of the hall, that leads to Talan's room.

The nursery as the previous home-owners had it set up

The nursery, vacant

Closet in the nursery - the only closet that isn't a walk-in. Still a pretty decent size though.

Guest bathroom

Nice counter space

Linen closet across from guest bathroom

Another hallway view: linen closet on left, bathroom on right, office straight ahead, Talan's room to the left down the small hall

The office/guest room as it was set up with the previous owners

Office/guest room, vacant

To the left as soon as you enter the office/guest room, the door on the left to the closet

Walk-in closet in office/guest room

Office/guest room as it was furnished by previous owners

These little "bonus" storage places are weird and I don't know what we would store in them because the eves are open to the elements - see the sunshine coming through the cracks under the eves? What could you store in a small space like this that you wouldn't mind being exposed to hot, cold, moisture, and possibly animals?? Nothing I can think of. Apparently the previous owners thought books were good to store in here.

View looking back towards entrance to room(s)

View from the windows in office/guest room looking out at neighborhood

Talan's room, basically across the hall from the office/guest room

Talan's room as it was furnished by previous owners

Talan's walk-in closet

Access to attic in Talan's room

Area of attic with flooring is approximately the same size as our attic now, so we could basically store holiday decorations up there.

View out the windows of Talan's room

Here's a view of the green space behind the house - basically where our yard ends, it drops down into a woodsy area with a ravine below. Not sure how far back our property line goes, but we know there won't be any development right in our backyard due to the drop off and the ravine below. Unfortunately beyond that they'll probably cut the trees down and put in more houses. But in the meantime our plan would probably be to plant more trees along our yard to define our property and provide some privacy.

Back yard

Back of house

What the yard actually looks like now - it's clearly been neglected!

Back of the yard - you can sort of see how it drops down on the left. The neighbor's fence is in the back of this photo.

Back yard - sun room poking out there on the right of this photo

Area to the right side of the sun room (those three windows go to the family room)

To the left of the sunroom is the patio. We'd want to expand it eventually, possibly put in a nice deck instead. Eventually 🙂 You can also see the 2 air conditioning units on the side of the house - one for upstairs, one for downstairs. Nice!

View of side yard looking back towards the street. There's a police car parked out there - looks like maybe the next door neighbor is a cop since the car was parked out there the whole time.

So, there you have it!  The longest post with the most pictures EVER!  We love this house.  I can’t imagine a better house.  Our agent submitted our offer today, so now we wait…  I really hope we hear something soon.  But with short sales, you just never know.  I’ve heard they can take a long time, so Bryan and I are prepared to put most of the rest of our stuff into a storage unit, and rent a 2-bedroom apartment month-to-month while we wait.  But I hope a miracle happens, and the bank accepts our offer, and some how we can close in a month, and we won’t have to do that.