Melissa is in town visiting, and she and I went out looking at more houses today.  We found one that is another good one!  So Bryan and I met with our agent this evening so that he could take a look as well, and we decided to go ahead and put in an offer on this house as well – so we’ll keep our offer on the other house since we still would love to get it, but this house would be great as well, so we might as well open up our options since the short sale thing on the other house is taking forever.

Here’s a tour!

Here she is! I grabbed this photo from the online listing.

Enter the house: stairs are ahead, with hallway leading back to kitchen/living room. To the left is the dining room.

Hallway to kitchen/living room. To the right is the door to the garage with a coat closet as well.

The dining room, as it looked today

The dining room as it used to look – I got this picture from the online listing, and the house has since been repainted the lighter color.  The doorway leads into the kitchen, and you can see the door to the pantry.

Standing in the kitchen, view of the dining room

Standing in the living room, view looking into the kitchen and doorway to dining room at the back

Standing in kitchen, looking into living room

View from kitchen looking into living room (the wall is no longer red. It’s been repainted)  The doorway leads to the office and half bath.

The pantry in the kitchen

View of kitchen to the left with eat-in area of kitchen ahead, living room to the right

Standing in living room, kitchen to the right, looking back down hallway towards front door

Eat-in area of kitchen

Living room with gas fireplace. Door leading to back patio and yard on left

Doorway into office alcove area – door to office is in on the left, inside on right are 2 closets, and straight ahead is the half bath

back yard

The office – has double doors

Closet #1 across from the office

Closet #2 across from office

Half bath

Half bath

2 car garage

Coat closet next to entrance to garage

Upstairs: linen closet in the hallway by bedrooms

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #1 Closet

Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom (walls are no longer yellow – they’ve been repainted)

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #2 Closet

View from bedroom #2 looking out to stairs – stairs going down and up to 3rd floor. Doorway to bedroom #1 to the right. Guest bathroom, not visible, to the right. Other 2 bedrooms and laundry room are to the left.

Landing on second floor before going up to 3rd floor

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #3 Closet

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Walk-in closet through master bathroom

Standing in hallway on second floor, looking into master bedroom (doorway on the left) – the doorway on the right is the laundry room

3rd floor BONUS! View to the right at top of stairs

3rd floor bonus – view to the LEFT at top of stairs – it’s basically 2 different areas upstairs kind of like 2 different rooms although it’s all one large space

Walk-in closet on 3rd floor

View of the right side of the bonus room – back when the walls were blue – now they’ve been repainted. To the right are the stairs going back down to the 2nd level, and this picture is being taken while standing in the bonus area to the left of the stairs

So we’re putting in an offer on this house tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens!  It’s a great house, and we would be happy to have it, although the other house is still our #1 choice, so we’re still keeping our offer going on that one, and hopefully we’ll hear something soon from at least one of these houses!