Last Tuesday Melissa came to visit, and we spent the first several days of her visit very busy with house things and apartment searching!  We were extremely productive, and started packing up the house as well in preparation for our move.  It’s really a great benefit having Melissa here to help with all of this, because it can get to be overwhelming at times!  She is here for 2 weeks, which is great, and we always love going to the Outer Banks together, so we scheduled in a trip during this visit as well.

Sunday we drove down to Kill Devil Hills.  We always stay at the same Days Inn.

The hotel is not a typical Days Inn, it’s a very neat looking building with a friendly, welcoming front porch.  Our hotel room this trip is the room on the far right of the picture above – you can see the door to our room surrounded by the windows.

The hotel has a nice continental breakfast every morning, and it backs right up to the beach in back, so it’s a simple walk over the dunes.

We really lucked out with the weather on this trip as well.  We had beautiful weather in the upper 70s each day.

Here I am 22 weeks plus 2 days along!

When we arrived Sunday afternoon, we took these pictures, and then went for a walk along the beach.

Monday we drove out to Cape Hatteras to see the lighthouse, which is something Melissa has always wanted to see.

We took a lot of pictures at the lighthouse!

Not only did we see the outside of the lighthouse and take a lot of pictures, we also climbed up the inside!

As you can see, it was a lot of steps to climb!  The equivalent of a 12-story building!  The ranger told us that it’s actually taller than the tower of Pisa.  If the tower of Pisa was standing up straight instead of leaning over, they would be the same height.

So here we are waiting in line to give the ranger our tickets so that we can head on up inside the steep spiral staircase!

The staircase was narrow, and it was tricky when people were trying to go up and down at the same time.  Luckily there were about 6 landings – one after each 2 flights of stairs – so we were able to stop and rest along the way.

When we got up to the top, it was VERY windy!  We had a really nice view of the island, but the wind was crazy.

You can’t really tell so much with Melissa’s picture how windy it was, so let me show you a picture of me:

So we enjoyed the views and snapped some more pictures, and then went back down the stairs, which was much easier than coming up had been.  Although we still stopped on the landings because I was worried about getting dizzy from walking down the spiral so long.

After our lighthouse adventure, we stopped for some ice cream, and then drove back to our hotel to go to the beach for the remainder of the afternoon.

And such a lovely beach it is.

I mentioned earlier that we lucked out with the weather.  We really did!  The forecast for this day had been chilly (lower 70s) and a good chance of rain most of the day!  But what we ended up with was mostly blue skies, and weather in the upper 70s (maybe low 80s depending on which forecast you looked at).  It was great!

I was able to wear my new maternity bathing suit for the first time, too, which was fun!

So this morning (Tuesday) we got up and had breakfast, then went out to the beach for a short bit before we had to check out of our hotel.

It was a lovely mini vacation, and it was a really great break from all the stress of selling our house, buying our new house, packing, getting ready to move, etc.

Now we are back, and so it is back to packing!