Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted.  SO MUCH has happened since then!

  1. We sold the townhouse and moved out!
  2. We closed on our new house and moved in!
  3. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!
  4. I took my last graduate school class online – started it about a month ago, and just finished it today!
  5. The baby girl has been kicking a lot in my stomach, and that has been fun!
  6. Moving in and getting settled has been and continues to be a long process.  But we love the house!

So, where to start?!

Well, one of the last things we did on our townhouse was celebrate Bryan’s Birthday.

We picked strawberries because Melissa had never gone strawberry picking before, and they were delicious of course!

And I made a Birthday cake, which was a big accomplishment since most of our kitchen was already packed up in boxes at that point!

Talan stayed with us for a couple of days to help celebrate Bryan’s Birthday, and it was his last time at the townhouse.

I think he was a little surprised at how chaotic the house was being filled with boxes, and I think he really likes the new house.

We lived in a hotel temporarily for a week because our closing dates ended up not matching perfectly.  We officially closed on the house on Thursday, May 31, and moved into the new house on Saturday, June 2!  We have yet to take one of those “here we are standing in front of our new house together” pictures… but I’m hoping soon we will.  We tried having Talan take one of us, but it didn’t turn out too great.

Anyway, the day after our closing, I went by the house to clean it and to get the new washer and dryer delivered and installed, and I went through the empty house and snapped some pictures so we could have a record of what it looked like as a clean slate.

But… wordpress is giving me a really hard time right now and will not cooperate at all with my pictures.  So I’m going to have to post them later.  😦

For now here’s a picture of the front of our house:

And a picture of me taken last week on June 14 – exactly 3 months away from the due date!: