We’ve been making some progress on the nursery, so I took some quick pictures of it as it is right now.  We have the changing table, but still need to put it together, and the crib is filled with random things, so there’s still a ways to go, but it’s starting to come together!

Bryan and I have spent almost every evening lately assembling furniture.  We assembled the crib awhile ago (which we got from some friends who were passing it on to us), we assembled the window seat, the corner shelves, and the side table.  We’ve also been assembling lots of book cases – one small one that’s in the nursery closet, 3 tall ones in the office, and 1 short one next to my desk in the sun room.  We still have to assemble the changing table.  All of its pieces are sitting in the corner of the nursery by the closet.

We got the window seat and storage bins in it from Target.  It came with the cushion on it, which I re-covered in the pink fabric.

Here’s a close-up of the design on the pink fabric I used.  It’s a soft flannel feeling fabric, and the whole cover is removable so that it can be washed.

We also ordered the corner shelves from Target’s website.  I think they look so cute!

Pottery Barn Kids actually sells similar corner shelves.  Here’s an image of theirs from their website:

But PB Kid’s corner shelves cost $399, whereas the ones I got from Target were $159.  Big difference.  Still just as cute in my opinion.

I made the curtains from fabric that I got from Jo Ann Fabric when my dad and Ivy were in town visiting.  Ivy helped me pick it out, and I think it looks beautiful!  I’m happy with how they turned out.

I got the curtain hanging clips and rod with the green finials on the ends from amazon.com.

The chair is covered in a white canvas slipcover that I bought online, and I made the slipcover for the ottoman because I couldn’t find one to buy.  It’s still a work in progress.  I still need to sew or somehow close up the sides of it.  But for now it’s better than the brown corduroy that’s underneath!

I ordered the little side table online from amazon.com, and Bryan and I just put that together last night.  I think it’s really cute, and will hopefully be very functional as well!

The side table drawer has a cute little crystal-looking pull handle, which actually nicely compliments the green crystal-looking finials on the curtain rods!  I just realized that.

I got the lamp from Walmart’s website.  They sell this same lamp on amazon.com as well as at Target, but it’s less than half the price from Walmart!  $19 from Walmart compared to $49.99 from Target!  For the exact same lamp!

Pottery Barn Kids also sells a very similar looking lamp, I got this picture from their website.  But their lamp is a total of $59!  $30 for just the shade, plus $29 for the lamp base (which is actually on sale, originally $34), and I think my lamp base is cuter than theirs!

I’m happy with how everything’s coming along!