Well, the past few days I’ve been working on a few projects… and getting re-acquainted with my sewing machine!  Possibly this is that “nesting” that’s supposed to happen?

Anyway, I’m excited to share some of the recent updates to the nursery as well as my recent sewing projects.

First, I made Madison’s name frames a while ago – I chose and downloaded the photos of letters from a site I found through Pinterest.  Here’s the site – it’s a Flickr collection of nothing but pictures of letters, and it’s all free for anyone to download and use as they like!  So I downloaded the images that I liked, and Bryan and I went through them and picked our favorites.  Then I edited them all to make them all black and white, and uploaded and ordered prints from Shutterfly.

Once the prints arrived, I got the square white frames from Jerry’s Artarama.  They were the ONLY store I could find, both in person and online, that carried square frames in the size I needed.

I bought green and pink ribbon from a craft store, super-glued it onto the backs of the frames, and tied bows at the top of each.  We attached each frame to the wall using 3M removable poster strips, and then used small finishing nails to nail each bow to the wall.  So these should not be falling down!

We intentionally made them irregularly vertically spaced because 1. That way we didn’t have to measure the exact height of each, and 2. We felt it looked more child-like and playful, kind of like baby ABC blocks.

After I took those pictures this morning, a package arrived from Target with our crib mobile and changing pad covers in it!  So here’s an updated picture of the crib, now with cute little mobile attached.

It’s very sweet.  The little figures are knitted teddy bears and flowers, all pink, green, and white.  Perfect.

Plus it rotates around and plays a lullaby!  So sweet.

Ok, moving on.  Next to the crib in the corner we have the corner shelves unit.  In the lower cabinet section, there are 2 shelves.  I felt that they would be more functional if we had some sort of bins or baskets to put on those shelves to keep things in, but I couldn’t find any triangular shaped baskets when I did a quick search online, so instead I decided to make some!

I used cardboard that we had left from a big box that we had in the garage and hadn’t recycled yet, and I covered it with white canvas fabric that I had leftover from making the ottoman slipcover.

First I measured the space in the cabinet, and cut the cardboard to the right size.  Then I duct-taped the pieces together.  Very fancy.

I also added some little pink ribbon bows to the front to make them cuter, and possibly to use as handles.  So this project was entirely free except I did have to buy the fabric glue from the craft store to glue the fabric onto the cardboard.

The ribbon was from a present that we received for Madison.  I can’t remember who it was from, but I saved all the pretty ribbons because I figured I might be able to use them for something!

I also used some of the green ribbon that was left over from the name frames project, and attached little bows to each corner of the slipcover on the ottoman.  And I also finally finished sewing the sides of the ottoman slipcover together, so I think that project is done now!

In addition to finishing the ottoman slipcover, I also bought the little green waste-basket from Target (on sale for $9!), so we have somewhere to put trash, which is always useful.  And I sewed pillow cases for the two little pillows on the chair!

The pink fabric is actually fabric that my friend Amanda used as part of the decorations at my baby shower, and she gave me the pieces of fabric afterwards, so I thought it would be neat to use it to make something!  The green pillowcase is made with fabric that I got from fabric.com at the same time that I got the fabric to make the ottoman slipcover.  I think they look very cute there together!

I took the following picture this morning before the changing pad cover arrived.  You can also see our new diaper genie that my Aunt got for us!  Exciting!

So here’s a shot that shows the new changing pad cover on the changing table that Bryan and I finally assembled some time last week I think.  I got the baskets from amazon.com, and they came with other sizes that I used in the closet as well.

I love how the closet is coming together!  We got these shelves from Target for $19.99, and I think they work great in the closet for organizing all the little accessories and things.

I also got the hanging rod extender from Bed Bath and Beyond which works really well for adding another layer of clothes on the left side of the closet.

Such adorable little clothes!  I love standing there and looking at them 🙂  And those plastic bins under the hanging clothes are organized by size for larger clothes that it will be a while before she grows into them.

The little tiny shoes and socks are just so sweet!

So that’s it for nursery updates for now.  Here’s the other sewing project I did yesterday and finished up today.

We re-decorated our bedroom a little bit after moving in.  Got a new white duvet cover because the red/gold one we had was just too heavy and I couldn’t handle the weight of it on me any more, so I got a super lightweight white cover instead, and I love it.  Bryan requested that we change our color scheme to be blue instead because he loves blue, so we got some blue sheets and lamps for our side tables, and I painted the formerly gold mirrors above our bed with some silver paint.  Now I feel like I’m sleeping in the soft blue sky underneath a fluffy marshmallow white cloud!  It’s great!

I took the gold and red pillow cases off of the pillows on our bed, and got some fabric yesterday from Jo Anne’s to make new pillow cases.  The fabric was on sale 40% off, so I got a yard of it for $11.

As it turned out, a yard was actually not enough to fully cover the pillows, so I had to use some other fabric that I had on the backs, but I don’t think that’s a big deal since most people won’t ever have to see the back!

I really like how they look.

So that’s all the updates for now!