So I spent a lot of time this summer with my mom painting furniture.  We finished it all up a week or two (or three?) ago (time is such a blur, hard to remember when things happen).

I had this barrister bookcase that my mom bought for me when I was younger.  Each shelf comes apart, and they nest together.  It’s pretty neat, and it’s an antique.  But I had a vision of making it white.  Unfortunately I didn’t think about taking a bunch of good “Before” pictures.  I do happen to have this one picture that I snapped of our dining room shortly after we moved in.

So I guess you can see, they were dark wood, which is pretty, but I wanted them to be white because I thought it would help to really showcase what was inside of them better.

Also a few weeks after we moved in we bought a set of a kitchen table and china cabinet off of craigslist.  I had wanted a china cabinet for years, but never had room for one in the townhouse.  Once we got our beautiful formal china for our wedding last year, I really couldn’t wait to some day have a china cabinet in which to display it all.

So when I saw this set on craigslist I really wanted it.  The lady was asking $350 for everything, which is maybe not the cheapest craigslist find ever… but it’s a great deal compared to buying furniture new from a store.

The set came with an oval table and a large leaf that can be added in to make it longer, six matching chairs, and of course, a china cabinet.

It is all solid wood, so it’s sturdy and should last a long time.  I like that the table and chairs are not too fragile or “precious” so that I don’t worry about the wood getting scratched up or the finish getting stained or anything.  I feel like it will be a nice family-friendly table.

And as soon as I got the china cabinet, I couldn’t wait to paint it white!

So we ended up putting the white painted china cabinet in the dining room, and the white painted barrister bookcase in the kitchen since they made more sense in those locations.

And here the china cabinet after weeks of priming and painting!

I think it’s so pretty!  I really love how it turned out.

The white, in my opinion, makes it so much more modern and lovely looking, and I think our china just looks fabulous in it.

I also painted the hardware all with an oil rubbed bronze instead of the light brassy look that it was before, which I think is a big improvement and looks great against the bright white.  I like how the light from our chandelier is reflected in the mirror at the top of the cabinet.

It came with a light in the top, which is great for showing off the contents.

I’m very happy with how it turned out.  It was a TON of work, but I love it!  I think the white china cabinet looks perfect with the white molding all around the room.

And now here is the bookcase, in the kitchen!

You can actually see both pieces of furniture when you are in the kitchen – you can see the bookcase, and through the doorway/hall you can see the china cabinet as well, so I think it’s perfect that they match each other now.

I used the bookcase to store/display all of the glassware that we don’t use on a daily basis.  I’m sure at some point in the near future I’ll have to relocate the things that are on the bottom shelves and put some less break-able items in there since we’ll have someone crawling around.  But in the meantime I’m enjoying it!

It’s also a nice place to display the vase filled with our sand from our wedding ceremony.  Oh, and I had mirrors cut and put into the backs of these shelves, which also helps to reflect light and make the shelves much brighter.