Well, I think we are finally ready for Madison to arrive!  I feel ready in every way.  The nursery is decorated, we have clothes, diapers, and a car seat.  We’ve taken classes and picked out a pediatrician.  And I’m physically ready, too.  I don’t think my stomach can handle much more expansion!  At our appointment last week they said she’s measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and based on an ultrasound on Friday they estimated she weighs around 8 pounds 4 ounces already!  So, I’m at a point where if she came right now, I would not feel stressed about it in any way!

Let’s go back.  Here’s the nursery as it looked when we first moved into this house almost 3 months ago.  (This coming Sunday, September 2 will be exactly 3 months since we moved in back on June 2!)

We had a few boxes of baby things that some friends gave us, along with the crib, also given to us by friends, which needed to be assembled.

Soon after moving in, we acquired this chair, which I requested from my mom.  This is a chair that has been in our family for a long time, and I sat it in a lot growing up.  It’s super comfortable, and it rocks, which makes it perfect for a nursery.  Unfortunately it is brown corduroy, but I had a vision!!  It had been living in my mom’s basement, and she brought it down for us.

My mom also gave me some artwork that she had stitched for my nursery back in 1980.  My nursery theme was red and white, so the artwork had a red frame around it.  Since red didn’t match Madison’s nursery, I painted the frame white.

So now here’s the chair, looking much better with its white slipcovers and cute pillows, and artwork hanging above it.

I also made those tissue paper puffs hanging from the ceiling, which I think turned out pretty cute.  I can’t remember if I talked about those in a previous post or not.

But I think having the artwork on the wall above the chair really helps to fill in the space between the chair and the puffs.

I am very happy with how it’s all looking!  So here’s some close-ups of the artwork.

I also framed a couple of cards that I got at my baby shower because I wanted some additional artwork, and they were free, and they’re cute, and it’s kind of neat that they have some sentimental value.

And here’s some close-ups of each of the framed cards so you can see them better.

I think they look great!  I got the frames from Ikea, and I think they were either $1.99 or $2.99 each.  Super great deal for white frames with matting!

I also have the laundry hamper now as well, which was a shower gift from my friend Melissa.

So cute!  And functional!  The flap on top just lifts back, but I imagine having it covering up the dirty laundry inside probably helps to conceal odors somewhat if sheets or whatever smell bad, and also just looks cute.  And inside there’s a mesh laundry bag that easily lifts out, separate from the outer decorative fabric, for transporting to the laundry room.

Very cute!  I love it.

And now the crib has the new bedding set in it!  The set included the crib skirt, fitted sheet, crib bumper, and quilt.  Here’s a detail shot of the quilt.

And the sheet and bumper.  We took the advice of our friend Christine – at my baby shower she said she recommended layering a waterproof mattress pad in the crib with a sheet on top of it, and then another waterproof mattress pad on top of that, with another sheet on top of it!  Sounds like a great idea, making it much easier to just rip off the top set of sheet/pad at night without having to remake the bed in the middle of the night.  So underneath this sheet are 3 additional layers 🙂

I also re-decorated the corner shelves a little.  I finally took apart the diaper cake gift from my shower, and I used the pretty flowers from it to add some decoration to the shelves.

Bryan and I also put both of our childhood stuffed animals on top of the shelves.  His is the horse, and mine is the teddy bear, who is named Cowboy.  So I guess they fit together nicely – cowboy and horse.

I’m sure the decorations on these shelves will change a lot as we accumulate things, but I think they’re pretty good for now.  The Peter Rabbit tea set on the middle shelf was mine when I was little.

I also added some closet label organizers into the closet, which I love because I am kind of obsessed with organization.

The stickers on them are removable so as she grows I can re-label them according to larger sizes or even types of clothes.  Pretty great.

We also got a bassinet/co-sleeper from my Mother-in-law, which I am pretty excited about.  It’s small, and it can be attached onto the side of our bed, which I think will make middle of the night feedings much more pleasant in the beginning.  I actually did a similar thing with the sheets on this as well – I put the waterproof mattress pad on first, topped with a sheet, and then topped with a waterproof bassinet pad.

And finally, we went this past weekend and picked up our jogging stroller travel system that we got as a gift from my Dad and Ivy.

We had to assemble it all, of course, like everything else.

But I think it’s pretty great.  Bryan referred to it as the Ferrari of strollers.

It includes a jogging stroller, an infant car-seat that locks into the car as well as onto the stroller, and the top area by the handle bars has 2 cup holders and a docking station with speakers where you can plug in your mp3 player or iPhone and listen to music!  Bryan will really enjoy that when he goes running because he loves listening to music all the time.

Oh, and it has an adjustable handle bar, which means you can put it up higher, which is essential for tall people!  With some other strollers, Bryan has to stoop down to push it – which is very uncomfortable.  So this is great, and I’m sure we’ll use it for years since we can continue to use the jogging stroller long after Madison grows out of the infant car seat/carrier.

Bryan also likes the purple because it’s the Ravens color.  So we all win.  I’m just glad we have a car seat now since they won’t let you take your baby home without one of those installed in your car! 🙂