I was just browsing around on Pinterest, and saw this recipe for homemade microwaved potato chips.  It really sounded kind of unbelievable to me… I feel like a lot of times I don’t trust these *amazing* Pinterest recipes to be as awesome and simple as people claim.

I had a couple of potatoes sitting around, so I tried it out!

Here’s the recipe.  Her description says that she used a mandolin to make hers extra paper-thin, which I would like to do in the future because mine ended up being thicker than I’d prefer.  But I don’t own a mandolin, and don’t even know what one is.

I basically followed her recipe.

First I rinsed off the potato and then sliced it up as thin as I could with my knife.  Then I put the slices in a ziploc bag and drizzled in some olive oil and sprinkled in some salt.

I didn’t measure out the amounts of olive oil or salt, I just kind of guessed.  I massaged the potato slices around until it seemed like they were all pretty evenly coated with the olive oil and salt.

Then I placed a single layer of slices on a plate.  I started out with a small/medium sized potato, and it took 2 plates to fit all my slices.  If I’d been able to slice them thinner, it would have taken even more plates.

The recipe said to microwave for 2-3 minutes on each side.  I ended up microwaving for 5 minutes on the first side, then flipping them all over and microwaving for about 1 more minute on the second side, so I guess it worked out to about the same time.

The recipe said they’d crisp up even more once they came out of the microwave, and they did.  They are very crunchy for sure!

I honestly don’t even like potato chips that much, but I was just curious to try this recipe since it sounded so simple, and because I know other people in my house love potato chips, so I thought this would be a nice way to make some that are healthier.

This is basically the same way that we make our french fries already – same ingredients I mean, just cut to look like fries and baked in the oven.  My chips didn’t turn out nearly as picture-perfect as the ones in the original recipe.  Maybe that’s because she was able to slice hers paper thin and that made them brown up differently into that nice even golden color?

Who knows.  I’d say overall these are a success though.  If you’re a fan of the crunchy natural type potato chips, you’re pretty much guaranteed to like these.  They are a bit labor/time intensive considering you have to microwave each plate for around 6 minutes, and the amount of chips per plate is not very much.  So if you were trying to make enough chips for 4 people to have with lunch… this could turn into a 30-40 minute project depending on how many potatoes you used and how thinly you sliced the pieces.  But at least most of the time is just spent in the microwave so you can do other things while that’s happening.

So anyway, check out that original recipe if you want her details on how to make these.  One thing that I just noticed was that she said to spray the plate with cooking spray first.  Oops, I forgot that step.  Mine did stick to the plate a bit, and I had to peel them off to flip them over, but none stuck to the point of being un-pealable, so it is possible to do this without the cooking spray as well.

And I’ll conclude with a picture of me, very pregnant, officially 38 weeks along (9 months plus 2 weeks), which means I am now well into the phase of “she can come any day now.”  And I am very much hoping that she WILL come any day now!  Because hauling this bowling ball around all the time is getting uncomfortable!