This is a post about my little DIY milk jar project, and of course I had to include some recent pictures of little Miss Madison herself!

IMG_1952 lovely small
I had been re-using random jars leftover from things like spaghetti sauce and salsa for Madison’s milk, but I decided she should have something prettier, so I did a make-over on the jars.


The whole project was free to me because I already had everything I needed at our house.


First I spray painted all the lids with some spray paint that was left over from a project I did a couple years ago. It’s a pale metallic color. I set all the lids up on toilet paper rolls on newspaper in the garage and sprayed a couple coats of paint on them.


I used a sharpie to write on the jars. The longest part was measuring water into each jar and marking off the ounces. That was kind of tedious.


Then I baked the jars in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes which supposedly makes the marker more permanent.


Unfortunately they are not permanent if you put them through the dishwasher! I learned that after I put the first jar through the dishwasher and it came out clean… Inside and out. All my marker was completely gone. So I’ve been hand washing the other jars since then.

IMG_1966 Lovely small

They are useful because this way I know exactly how much milk I’m giving to our babysitter every day, and then she just pours it into bottles to give to Madison. It’s a system that works well for us right now.
IMG_2007 lovely small

So that’s my little recent project!

IMG_2009 lovely small