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Happy Easter 2013!  We’ve had an Eastery weekend.  Saturday Madison dressed up like the Easter Bunny and we had a little photo shoot.

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She seemed to really enjoy being dressed like a bunny.  She had a good time cheesing for the camera.

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She was also very happy to sit next to her big brother for some pictures 🙂

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So cute.

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Fluffy little tail and everything!

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We set up the timer and managed to get one good one of the whole family – Talan’s idea.  Glad it turned out!

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Later Saturday afternoon we decorated Easter eggs.

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Friday night I made an Easter cake with peeps, jelly beans, and edible Easter grass.  Talan was most excited about the peeps.

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I used a recipe I got online for white cake.  It turned out really good.  Melissa came over and had dinner with us on Saturday, and we had the cake for dessert, and we all agreed it tasted like a tasty moist wedding cake.  Yummy!

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Back to egg decorating.

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This year we blew out all the eggs first so we can save them (which we do every year).  Then we dyed them in regular food coloring dye, and then used little Q-tip paint stick things I had picked up at Wal-Mart for about $.99 to add some designs.

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They turned out beautifully of course.

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Bryan enjoyed decorating the eggs, too.  He created some masterpieces.


Madison tried vanilla yogurt for the first time Saturday afternoon, and LOVED it.  She really likes food!  So far her favorites are sweet potatoes, green apple, strawberry, banana, vanilla yogurt, french toast, and steak!  We had steak for dinner Saturday night, and she just loved it.

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Easter morning – the Easter bunny came!  Talan and Madison had Easter baskets filled with goodies, and the Easter bunny had hidden eggs all over the house.  Talan had fun finding all the eggs.


Talan and Madison both had bunny ears in their baskets.


Madison seemed excited about her basket.


We went to church and managed to get a couple of pictures all dressed up before going.


Everyone at church was exclaiming over our cute baby bunny 🙂


After church we came home and had an Easter brunch with french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, and berry banana smoothies.  Then later this afternoon we went to Dallas and Christine’s house for an Easter egg hunt party.


And that was our weekend!  Happy Easter!