Madison is loving food.  I’m doing Baby Led Weaning, which actually should be called Baby Led Eating.  It’s been going so well so far.  Madison seems to be loving it.  It’s fun for all of us, and it’s really easy, too.


Basically, here’s some information from the website:

“Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning.”



“You just hand them the food in a suitably-sized piece and if they like it they eat it and if they don’t they won’t. (But they do, really they do).”


Madison really likes being involved in dinner.  She really enjoys participating in meals and getting to eat at the same time that we’re eating.  I don’t always give her exactly the same foods that we’re having – if something is really sugary or salty, I don’t give it to her.  So mostly she just has fruits and vegetables plus she’s tried steak, bread, and yogurt so far (obviously).


I tried giving her a piece of apple and she loved sucking on it, but when I gave her a piece of cooked apple, she really enjoyed it because it was mushy enough for her to actually eat it.  The carrots and broccoli she’s eaten have also been cooked so they’re soft enough for her to eat.


I think it’s also good practice for her to learn how to eat off of a spoon.  Of course it’s all very messy at this point, but she has to learn some time, so I figure she might as well start practicing eating on her own now so that she’ll be able to feed herself and learn to be less messy sooner.


Plus she gets to experience the full sensation of different foods including their different shapes, textures, and different ways of being prepared as opposed to only eating everything of the same mushy consistency off of a spoon.  Ultimately, I hope that this will prepare her for being an open-minded eater since we plan to expose her to everything we eat, as long as it’s healthy, so she’ll grow up eating Indian, Mexican, Italian, vegetarian, meat, etc. instead of only eating baby food out of jars.  (Oh and baby food in jars is pricey, so this is much more cost effective, too!)  I think it’s important for her taste buds to be exposed to a variety of tastes, textures, and spices early on so that she has a chance to explore food and learn to enjoy a wide variety.


“That’s the essence of Baby Led Weaning. No purees, no ice cube trays, no food processor, no potato masher, no baby rice, no weird fruit and veg combos… just you and your child, eating food that you enjoy with you and your family.”



So far it’s going great.  Madison seems to be loving it, and it’s super simple for us.  And I believe in the research I’ve read that says that up until one year old, breast milk contains all of the necessary nutrients and is still the most important food, and all that she really needs, so eating regular food is just a fun learning experience, but I’m not worried about her getting in all the food groups every day or anything like that.

And here she is in action 🙂