This past week Bryan had to go to Charlotte for a work trip, so Madison and I tagged along.  We had a fun time!  It was Madison’s first big road trip, and she did really well.  She lives a good life.


We arrived Wednesday around noon, and dropped Bryan off at the place where he was working that day, and Madison and I checked into the hotel.  Then we ventured to the mall across the street, and did some shopping!  We spent most of our time in White House Black Market where all the ladies ooooed and aahhhhed over what a sweet, easy-going baby she is.  (I was there for about 2 hours and she patiently watched me try on clothes from her stroller the whole time!)

I ended up getting a skirt, a shirt, and a necklace, all on sale. The sales lady who had been helping me was very disappointed by how little I bought after spending so much time trying things on.  Oh well.

After shopping, we ate at Maggiano’s for dinner, and Madison thought their bread was delicious.


She was really good all through dinner even though it was well past her usual bedtime by the time we finished and made it back to the hotel for the night.


It was Bryan’s first time eating at a Maggiano’s and he liked it as well.  Madison really wanted to dig into my lasagna, but that was not an option.


The next day Madison and I drove to Concord Mills outlet mall!  Do you see the theme that is emerging of how we spent our time?


We spent most of the day hitting up a bunch of stores at the outlet mall.  Madison scored some pink shorts for $4.99 and some pink sunglasses for $1.99.  I got a dress from Ann Taylor (marked down from $120 to $30!) and a shirt from Banana Republic, also on clearance.  Awesome.

That night we had dinner at Cowfish, which was good – it’s a fusion of burgers and sushi.  There’s going to be one opening up here in Raleigh soon at North Hills apparently.


Then on Friday, our last day, Madison and I hit up IKEA!!  She was so excited to visit Ikea for the first time.  She was also thrilled to wear her new shorts and sunglasses.  Can’t you just see her excitement?


I got a really cute napkin holder (for $1.99!), 4 picture frames, some kitchen scrubbers (2 for $.99!), and boxes and magazine holders for organizing stuff next to my desk.  Fun!


That afternoon we drove back home.  It was a late night by the time we got back, and we were exhausted.  Bryan was exhausted from working and driving… and Madison and I were exhausted from all the shopping.  🙂