This post is just some quick pictures and videos of the star of this blog… Madison.  She’s 1 week away from being 8 months old already!


Grancy came to visit this week, and Madison showed off her love of eating.  Talan gave the NC State bibs to Madison as a present – he’s a big fan.


We have been feeding her lots of organic baby food lately, and she just loves it!  Also, she just grew her two front lower teeth this week!


She’s having fun biting food and her toys with her new little teeth.

Here’s a video I took last week of Madison eating:

And here’s a video of Madison eating while Grancy was here this week:

Grancy and I also took Madison for a couple of long walks, and we went to the park by our house.


Madison had her first experience on a real swing at the playground, and she had a great time!

Here’s a video of Madison swinging at the park: