Last week was Madison’s Nine Month Birthday!


I just did a quick little photo shoot of her, and of course I took about 40 pictures in 10 minutes.


I love ALL of them!  Even the blurry ones!


I have a hard time deleting any pictures of Madison, because I feel like each and every picture captures some element of who she is right now, and I feel like I have to save it so that I can remember all the little things about how she is right now, right this moment.


So it took some real discipline to narrow down the pictures for this blog post 🙂


She loves cheesing it up for the camera!  It is NOT hard to get good pictures of her.  Really.  We hold up a camera, and she puts a big smile on her face 🙂  Well, plus she’s very photogenic and completely adorable.


As I was going through these pictures on my computer, she was looking at them with me, and it made her smile to see pictures of herself.  But looking at her next to the pictures – as beautiful as she looks in these pictures, she’s even more beautiful in person.  I wish I could really capture how much her blue eyes sparkle!


Yesterday I discovered that Madison really enjoys Big Band music!

IMG_8344 bw

Brian Evans’ song I’m A Traveler came on, and she loved it!  In fact, that song came on during our photo shoot, and she looked over in the direction of the music, and started smiling and seemed very excited.  Here’s a YouTube clip of the song.

If she was really fussy, she used to go to sleep for her naps listening to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, but since I discovered her love of Big Band, we’ve been listening to it on Pandora, and she’s fallen asleep really easily with the songs blasting 🙂


I much prefer it to the sound of a vacuum!  I guess this is part of growing up – her tastes are evolving.