At Madison’s 9 month check-up the pediatrician said she is very healthy.  Not that it was any surprise to hear that!


She is a little girl though.  Her height is in the 45th percentile, so just below average, and her weight is only in the 25th percentile (she weighs just over 16 pounds now).  Little baby!  She’s still wearing 6-9 month sizes in her clothes.  She can actually still wear some of her 3-6 month pajamas, although they’re getting a little short.  Some 9 month size clothes fit well, and some are still too big.  Her head, however, is in the 99th percentile!  So, when she grows out of clothes, it’s often because we can no longer fit them over her head 🙂


She was a very good girl at the appointment.  She loved playing with the crinkly paper covering the table.  That kept her entertained while we waited.


She did have to have one shot, but it wasn’t too bad.  Apparently the next well-visit we have, her 12-month check up, is going to be pretty bad.  LOTS of shots coming up.  Booooo.

Last week I discovered that Madison likes helping out with folding laundry!


She actually entertained herself with socks and clothes for 45 minutes while I sat next to her and talked on the phone.  It was fun for both of us 🙂


Although I tried it again today, and it didn’t seem to be nearly as fun for her.  I guess the novelty wore off.


That’s ok.  I like the cute pictures of course 🙂

Bryan’s parents were in town visiting last week, and I went out to get my hair cut Saturday afternoon.  Bryan’s mom and niece stayed home to watch Madison.  Madison fell asleep in her Nana’s arms.  So sweet 🙂

IMG_2685 faded

Madison still takes about 4 naps a day – 30 minutes each.  She’s pretty consistent.