This past week Bryan, Madison, and I spent a few days in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn.  Bryan had to work at the Annual Meeting from Wednesday through Saturday, so Madison and I went along.  It was a nice little trip, although it would have been nicer for Bryan (and for all of us) if he hadn’t been busy working the whole time 🙂

When we got back into town I discovered that two of my sunflowers had bloomed, and there were raspberries on the raspberry bush!


I planted two different kinds of sunflowers, one tall kind and one short kind.  I alternated types in the hopes that the back of our yard would be lined with alternating tall and short yellow sunflowers.


So far only these two are blooming, but there’s several other tall plants that should start blooming soon!  I can’t wait.


It makes me so happy to look out of the windows of our sun room to see two happy sunflowers out there!


I took Madison outside on Sunday and tasted some of the raspberries with her.  She seemed to enjoy it.  They are sweet and juicy!


So far the animals haven’t eaten up all the berries, so I’m hoping we’ll continue to get to enjoy them ourselves.


Today I started cleaning off the columns and trim around our front porch and front door.  You couldn’t really tell from pictures, but everything was really dirty!


I also wiped down the bench and front door because both were still coated in yellow pollen.


I sprayed Clorox cleaner all over the white surround around the front door, and then scrubbed it all with rags soaked in hot soapy water.  Even so, it’s still really dirty if you look close.  I think it probably will need to just be repainted.  But it’s an improvement for now anyway.


I used the same method on the white columns – sprayed with Clorox cleaning spray, and then wiped down with wet soapy rags.  They were covered in dirt, grime, and what I think is mildew.  This is a close-up of a column AFTER I cleaned it!  Unfortunately my scrubbing was not enough to get the stain off, so they’ll either need to be power washed or just repainted.


I also wiped off the white trim along the bottom of the roof over our porch.  Here’s a picture where you can see the dirty part on the left that hasn’t been wiped off yet, and the clean part on the right that I’ve already wiped clean.  BIG difference!


Here’s another comparison where you can see the lower trim is the part that I’ve cleaned (so it now looks white) and the upper trim still needs to be cleaned.  It’s so dirty!


Luckily this part came clean really easily, unlike the columns and siding around the door.  It’s made of some other material that wipes clean a lot easier than painted wood.  Aluminum maybe?  Vinyl?  I don’t know.


There’s still a lot more that needs to be cleaned, but now that I’ve started, I’m excited to get the rest of it done.

Madison took a nap for most of the time that I was working outside.  She just came outside at the very end after her nap.