The patio is coming together!  I’m excited.  I ended up ordering an outdoor rug from amazon – it’s made of plastic, so it’s completely outdoor safe.  I also got a couple of outdoor pillows to go on the glider.  We need to get some kind of storage/hanging system for our hose because it doesn’t really look great behind the glider.


One added bonus of having an outdoor rug on the patio that I hadn’t even thought about until it arrived today is that now it’s much more Madison friendly out there!  I didn’t want her sitting on the hard scratchy concrete, but now there’s a more comfortable, more clean, a bit softer surface for her to sit on out there.  Love it!


I also had a mint plant that has been sitting on our kitchen counter for about a month now, and it was starting to look unhappy.


The cilantro seeds I’d planted outside have never done much more than sprout, so I decided I might as well transplant the mint plant into that pot, and hopefully it’ll be happier in there.


Here’s the sad looking cilantro.


I didn’t take out the little cilantro sprouts, so just in case they decide to eventually grow, they can live in there alongside the mint.


Now hopefully the mint will grow happily ever after.


More porch updates coming soon!