This is a continuation of this afternoon’s post… 🙂

Ok, so I realized I needed to go ahead and show some pictures of the other set-up.  This is what I had in mind from the beginning.  I borrowed the coffee table from Bryan’s office just to get an idea of what this set-up would look like.  My plan is to find a cheap coffee table on Craigslist and paint it.


I do like how it looks, and it’s functional having the bench looking out towards the street as well as having a table in front of it to put drinks on or put your feet up.


My issue with this set-up is the space at the front of the porch though.  Right now I have the planters and the black shelves sitting towards the front, but I kind of feel like they aren’t the best fit up there.


It’s a tricky space because it would be nice to have a chair in the corner in front of the stone column to add seating and make it more conversational with anyone sitting on the bench, but I just don’t think that a chair would really work well right there.  But what would work there?  I don’t think the shelves look right.


Also, there’s very little space on either side of the bench, and not enough room for having little side tables next to it.  I took a picture of the little tables I do have in front of either side so you can see how they wouldn’t fit next to it.


So the only option really is to have a coffee table in front.

Maybe I should put a chair out in that front corner just as a test to see if that might actually be an option…

So anyway, here’s a direct comparison now between the two possible layouts: