Ok, things are looking much more decorated on our front porch now!  Here’s a reminder of where we started:


But now I’m having a really hard time figuring out the best arrangement to make the most of our space out there.  It’s a really odd shaped porch that we have.  L shaped with no railings along the edges, and the part where the furniture goes is pretty long and narrow.

So here’s where I originally planned to put the glider bench, along the back (and I still think that this is probably the best location for it):


But then the rest of the space feels like it’s missing something to me, so I moved the glider to the side:


And I kind of like it, but I’m not sure.  Because now it seems weird to sit on the glider and just stare at the side of the house.


So any ideas?  I also brought around a couple of side tables from our back patio.  I’m not sure how well they work.  They both have glass tops, but I can repaint the edges and legs any other color to make them fit in better… like white, black, oil rubbed bronze, green… I have two of the square one so I could bring both of those instead of the round table.


I also have a black metal table/shelves – it’s kind of like a plant stand, black square with 3 shelves.  Here it is next to the glider:


I was thinking I might use it but couldn’t figure out anywhere that it looked right.  Here’s a shot of all three tables:



Madison and I went for a walk today, and I realized that I’d never taken a shot of our house from up the street before, so here’s that view:


Anyway, let me know what ideas or suggestions you have!  I thought about maybe adding a little bistro table and chairs to the front corner where the watering can is, and moving the glider back to the back where it started out.  I like having the glider along the back so it faces out towards the street because I feel like when you sit on a front porch you’re supposed to face the street.